FC Quake 1:0 Tonawanda United ET

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FC Quake 1:0 Tonawanda United ET Empty FC Quake 1:0 Tonawanda United ET

Post  aeaton on Fri Jun 17, 2016 10:33 am

We woke up sent out the group message looked as if we were going to travel to Ives with 15. As the day progressed our numbers started to fall to 11, lucky enough Sean decided to make the trip to bring us to 12. Tonawanda showed with 14 which would help them with a nice rotation to keep guys fresh.

The pitch was as hard as concrete, hopefully they get some hard rain soon to soften it up. The match started slow neither squad could get a feel for the match. An unfortunate miss communication between myself and Kerr, as he manned the back for an injured Fallon, almost led to Kerr putting one in on ourselves off the post and out thankfully. After that FCQ started to get a few looks but nothing to challenging but started to maintain possession. TU then took their turn maintaining possession but again nothing challenging and the back and fourth started between the two sides. As the first half started to come to a close kick ball broke out just to get to the half. 0:0 at half neither side looked like they were a threat in the first, and almost had a feel as if both were just trying to get to PK's.

Second half started and FCQ looked as if we could get a quick goal unfortunately for us the TU keeper and defense kept us in check. As for the quick start we fell to a more defensive mindset and TU had a few great looks in the second. As the match progressed in the second it once again was back and fourth runs but nothing dangerous, just a slow ugly match. TU finally started to break us down near the end of the second had maybe 2-3 chances that could have ended up in the back of the net. Fisher made the save of the match though, ball came in I was on the attackers back as he was facing his goal somehow turned a shot. I got my face on it but wasn't enough fisher clears it off the line (looked like Boateng's save in the first Germany match. Again though both sides were looking for ET as neither seemed to want the match. 0:0 end of regulation.

First extra time was similar to the entire match nothing even worth noting as this match was ugly, I was starting to prep my mind for PK's as I thought it was heading there. 0:0 end of first extra time.

Second extra time again nothing had changed both sides almost looked as if they were packing it in and just take their chances in the PK's. Then out of no where in the 119th minute Cruz sent a perfectly placed ball near the spot to Mammolitti find his head and the ball sails into the upper 90, honestly identical to Dempsey's goal last night. TU pushed up hard to try to find the late equalizer had a great chance in the box but Schwaab took the attacker down got all ball, and the final whistle came.

In an ugly match maybe neither side deserved, all it took was one play to end it. An unfortunate ending for TU as they were one minute away from having this match be decided by PK's. For the 3-4 Quake players that gutted 120' out injured was truly great to see. Lafko was great to see in his effort as in the second half walked off thinking he broke his nose, he came back on and won every header sent by him. He would later discover his nose was fractured at the MAC Center.

Good luck to TU in league play, great group of guys on that side although the match was ugly they do have some talented guys that will give you trouble. They will be a tough out in the playoffs for D2 sides.


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FC Quake 1:0 Tonawanda United ET Empty OOPS

Post  spfallon9432 on Fri Jun 17, 2016 12:54 pm

Had no idea you had posted Adam! Haha interesting opportunity here for everyone to compare and contrast on us. I forgot about the Fisher clearance, other than that, not too different!


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