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Post  cdubbz731 on Mon Jun 20, 2016 6:45 am

Happy Father's Day BDSL.
Devils showed with 12, slowly gained til 15, but lost 1 at half due to daddy obligations.
Rev showed with 11, got to 13-14.
Last time these two teams met, it was 38 degrees, sleeting and tied 2-2.
This year, complete opposite as we all played in this heat. Field was suppppper dry and outright bad.

Anywho, Devils got on the board with the wind at our back and down hill with a nice play by Karl Buko. flicked onto Matt Chase who put it away from 16 out about 10-12 minutes into the game. Chase was told he had to play the entire first half as he was leaving at half time.

22.5 mins in we took a water break.

I believe it was off a goal kick for Rev. in which it was turned over, shot was taken by Devils which was blocked and went to the side of 18 where Chris Wzontek crossed far post where Matt Chase made a nice run to get there and tap it in 2-0 Devils appx 40 mins .
Halftime 2-0
2nd Half Rev. came out swinging and were all over us the first 10-15 mins, but couldn't seem to get things together in the final 3rd. Richie W. made a nice sliding save on a break away to keep the clean sheet today.

again. Water break 22.5 mins in.

Both #18's thought that they didn't give their dads enough cards on the day, so they decided to pick up a yellow card each. Started with a supposed extended forearm while Karl Buko. was trying to get a shot off, pretty harmless if you ask me. Rev didn't like it, kept chirping, it went back and forth. Ensuing corner kick 2-3 minutes later, they got tangled up and the chirping continued, push in the back while Devils player wasn't looking so he did the same in return. AR called Head Ref.(the Head Ref. who I thought did a pretty awful job today, he missed a possible PK for Rev and the entire possession after a foul was just awful amongst other calls) The AR explained what had happened, both #18's get a yellow. Not sure how they each had the energy today to push one another. but ehh o well, yellow card a piece.

Late in the game. Richie W. punted the ball and Ryan Acanfora headed it over the last defender were Shawn Powers was in on net alone and placed it right side 3-0 Devils. It would stay that way.

Best of Luck to Rev on the rest of the season.


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Devils 3 Revolution 0 Empty Re: Devils 3 Revolution 0

Post  ajbalsd on Mon Jun 20, 2016 10:27 am

Yeah, I am pretty sure if you had the visiting team pay half of the fee for Kenny, they would. I know we would have. That field is just brutal/borderline unplayable. But, we both had to play on it.

The only dispute I have with your summary is the second goal. (and this is just nit picky) Your player shot the ball, and our CB blocked it right to the far post, where your player was waiting. Tough break for us, good finish by you guys.

I am pretty sure our goal scoring issues are now securely stuck in our heads. We may need some psych evals soon. Maybe my wife would be willing to help us out.

Good luck to you guys going forward. Give those young legs up there some hell!

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