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FC QUAKE 5 RVS United 0

Post  spfallon9432 on Mon Jun 20, 2016 8:10 am

Happy Belated Father's Day to all the BDSL Dadbods out there! Our own Cody Walker (Dadbod), James Solomon (Dadbod), Tony Bonadonna (NO Dadbod), Ricky Mammoliti (Semi-Dadbod), Adam Eaton (Semi-Dadbod), and game captain and FCQ elder statesmen Tommy Schwaab (Dadbod) were all in attendance, really showing the commitment we have from this squad. 4PM kick on the sweltering Howe Field turf against a surging young RVS side. We came with a strong 16, which we desperately needed with many guys still trying to find where their legs were from Thursday, while RVS had 12 for this one. We knew entering it was the halfway point of a critical June with us seeing 3 other playoff-positioned teams in a row before a run of 2 near-bottom teams. Tommy and his mini-me took the coin toss and we were off and running.

Game plan for us was similar to the Willies game against a relatively younger side, however, today with the short bench RVS had, we were really able to shift into another gear of our own and played the best soccer I have seen this Club play the final 60' of this one, hopefully good sign of things to come. Game started with a slow start for us, which is a far too often an occurrence. RVS was knocking it around well, making good off-ball runs and finding some space down our flanks and outside our 18. About 5-10' in Haines made a good slashing run through our MF and found some space about 20 yards out, hitting a great looking far-post looper that Eaton made a REALLY great save to keep this game level, save of the game for sure and one I would say there are maybe 3-4 GK in this entire league capable of making routinely, Adam being one. RVS had several corners or set pieces off the incredibly whistle happy ref we had today (more later) but we were very strong in our own 18 today between Eaton and our taller lads. For what I would say was the first 15-18' RVS dictated pace/possession, but we still could of pulled a goal or two ourselves with Captain Tom finding loads of room about 15 yards out off a great run by Reid and flick on by Mammoliti but he clanked it off the near post and out. RVS had one more good chance of note when a nice 1-2 combo play from #12 and #15 leading to a good rip by the latter that Eaton was again called upon to use all of his 6'3" frame to slap wide. At this point is where the game absolutely changed in our favor. Not sure if we just found our legs, RVS started to tire already, or both but possession flipped from 60-65 % RVS to at least that for FCQ. Water break given at the mid-point. Around 30' mark a good run down the wing from Reid and cross into the 18 deflected off the RVS charging GK into the air and Iwankow in typical fashion was rightly positioned to shield and half-volley into the net from near the spot. 1-0 FCQ. Rest of half was similar in that we began to control the game, but RVS still had some dangerous looking buildups that were stymied before any notable SOG was surrendered.

A lead, good HT talk and some obvious frustration and fatigue on the RVS bench had us really revved up for the 2nd half. We knew if we could possess and get the next one this thing could really open up for us and that's exactly what we did. Honestly I don't think I am exaggerating saying we possessed 2nd half 80-85%, and from opening whistle to the end. Not long into the half a good run of possession gave Reid loads of room down the left side to the corner of 18 and he whipped in a nice ball where Bonadonna controlled and sent a ball back across the 18 where Mammoliti awaited, burying it into the corner 2-0 FCQ maybe 52'. At this point RVS started taking their frustration out on the refs and becoming a bit chippy, which played right into our hand. We continued to control the ball from the back out and soon had a 3rd goal, again off pretty possession play from inside to outside and back in. Iwankow put one on a platter for Kerr to hammer into the side netting from inside the 18. 3-0 FCQ 65'. Game got a bit physical now as RVS (Mostly #3) seemed more interested in fighting every call and everyone on the field and used his big boy body to do so. Something you never see (2nd time in 3 yrs for me now) is Iwankow get into it but after a hack/two-handed push from behind there were some words and a shove or two, no more though as ref and couple veteran FCQ guys took control.

Game continued and around the 75' mark yet another long run of possession freed Fisher down the wing with space, he crossed where Gilfert muscled through the RVS CB's to spring himself on a full breakaway and made no mistake to finish far corner. 4-0 FCQ. Some words and couple more physical, tempered moments from RVS passed, before we sprung a couple FCQ on a quick break, a nice crisp ball to Walker had him off and running towards the 18, he 99/100 times would bury it himself but he elected to make the very unselfish and smartest play to tee up Cruz from point blank who finished it for the 5-0 FCQ Final.

I had some words of encouragement/wisdom for the young RVS guys postgame basically advising them the amount of yelling/name-calling yesterday towards the ref isn't going to earn you any respect or calls in this League, the reffing is what it is, and today it was bad, both ways. Same goes to the Dad in the stands screaming obscenities at the ref with many little kids around by the way...

In building this roster preseason, this type of Soccer is what we envisioned. Unselfish, dominant possession and very smart, even-keeled play throughout regardless of what the other team or ref was doing. We've proven the past 2 weeks our move to Turf is not as curious as some pundits thought preseason, more than keeping up with the youngest and fastest two sides in this division. Next up is our 3rd big matchup in a row against a very good SPAL side, and a chance to distance ourselves from the fight for the last couple playoff positions. We will be ready.


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