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I have to tell you all, this game did not turn out the way I had expected.  It was an incredible game of super highs, and incredible lows.  

So as of Saturday night we were on pace to have to forfeit this one.  With the game being at 2pm, on a nice day I had 8 confirmed players.  We asked Rocky for a reschedule but, seeing as how we were not able to reschedule our Tehel Cup match from last year, we figured it wasn't going to happen.  Anyways, he said no so a forfeit was the most likely outcome.  EDIT* Apparently Rocky tried to reschedule for Tuesday but the field was unavailable*** Sunday morning I got a bunch of positive responses putting us at 11, so we decided to play this one out even though we knew what the outcome would be.

Fast forward to 2pm on Sunday.  We show up with 11.  Then a 12th player shows up.  Our game plan was to keep everybody behind the ball on defense and try to counter on offense (think Chelsea v Barcelona Champions league in 2012 I believe).  We had most of our defensive players but were short on attackers.  Right before the game started I got a text from Miguel saying he would be there at half time.  I knew previously that new youngster Salim would arrive at half time as well.  If we could keep the game scoreless until half time, we may be able to earn a point.  Well that was our goal.
-Five minutes or so into the game, Polo intercepts an errant pass back to the keeper from Waddington and puts it past him.

1-0 BUSS

We survived the initial 25-30 minutes of the game, dare I say possibly controlling a majority of the play with our incredible midfield play of Polo, Jeff, and Mate.  We got a well needed water break about 30 minutes in.  After the water break BSC decided to switch things up and keep their outside players tight to the sidelines, trying to wear us out.  Even though we were playing behind the ball as much as possible they started to get some good quality chances.  We had a few decent ones ourselves, but much like previous games this season, we were unable to convert.
-In the extra stoppage time added on for the water break, BSC sent a cross from Matt Daddario's right side across to the left, back post.  The man I was marking, maybe Fleck, was a good foot taller than me.  He was able to play the ball back inside to Merms who headed it in.


We went into half time feeling pretty confident.  Hey we were playing BSC Raiders, with 12 guys in the blistering heat, and playing pretty damn well.  Our thinking soon changed when we came out in the second half to an onslaught by BSC.

For some strange reason, we decided that now was the time to start reverting back to our normal formation, with a high defensive line.  Over the course of the next 20 minutes or so we conceded 4 more goals.  I won't go into detail about that.  I'm sure one of the Raiders guys could speak more to who and how they scored.

5-1 BSC

So we figure the game is probably over, so we should just try not to concede any more.  Everybody has their heads down just waiting to get the game over with.  

I decided that now was the time for my best motivational speech.  I referenced all of the greatest comeback stories in history.  I won't bore you with details but it was so motivational that all the guys started crying and gave me a slow clap that grew in volume.  I looked over to the Raiders players and they were all clapping and crying also.  I knew that we were gonna come back.....
I'm joking, none of that last part actually happened.

We just kept on fighting and trying to get the ball forward whenever possible.

-Salim made a great play on the bench side of the field to get to the corner.  He played a ball through to Pete Marlette, who was unmarked on the play.  He had a second to trap it and put it low past the Raiders second-half keeper.

5-2 BSC

-Mate Tarr beat Rodgers on the left sideline, walked in alone and slotted a ball across to Pete Marlette.  Pete was once again where he needed to be and slid to make contact with the ball, roofing it.

5-3 BSC

-We earned a free kick just outside the box, directly on the side line.  Polo hit a nice ball to the back post, where Mike Malcolm was waiting.  He got his head on it, over the defender and the ball barely cleared the goal line.  BSC tried to claim the ball was stopped before crossing the line, but for once on this afternoon the young AR made the correct call and indicated it was a goal.

5-4 BSC

-The minutes went by and it seemed like an equalizer would be out of reach.  5 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute remaining.  We could not penetrate the Raiders back line.  We finally got the ball in the middle third and Jeff Panik played a deep ball, trying to put it over the outside back.  The outside back, knowing that he may have gotten beaten if it landed, decided to head it back to his keeper.  Instead of heading it to him, he put it over his head and into the side netting.  Pure insanity!!!


The ref blew the whistle seconds after the ensuing kick off.  It was madness.  What a great game to be a part of.  

The entire team played fantastic.  If I had to give a player of the game it would be Polo Suazo.  Dude always plays incredible against BSC.  I could very easily given it to Mike Malcolm, or Parker Shetler, or Mate Tarr, or anybody else on the field.  

Hopefully this comeback helps get our season on track and gets our confidence back.  We have some very important games coming up.  Hopefully we can get it done.

Big props to BSC.  This was the friendliest game we have ever played with those guys.  Maybe both teams were just exhausted or maybe it was because some of the hot headed players from both teams weren't there.  They played a hell of a game and were incredibly unlucky to not get the win yesterday.

FC Yemen comes to Sahlens next week after what seems like an interesting week for them also.  Should be a good one.


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