Devils 6 Rust Belt 0

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Devils 6 Rust Belt 0

Post  cdubbz731 on Mon Jun 27, 2016 6:30 am

ooohweeeee it was a warm one today, Rust Belt showed with 11, eventually 13. Devils had 14.

Devils came out pretty strong, had a few chances early but couldn't seem to find the back of the net. I believe 8-10 mins in, there was a questionable non PK call that could have resulted in a Rust Belt opportunity for a PK, Defender made a turn on the ball and Rust Belt player ran into the Devils player knocking him off the ball. IMO, OK, but I was 50 yards away up field. tough one.
Shortly after, ball from the midfield was played to the top of 18 circle where Chris Wzontek flicked it over the defenders head, Shawn Powers gathered it up and one touched it pass the keeper to an open net 1-0 Devils.
Water break midpoint of each half today.
30-35 minutes in Matt Chase took the ball for a nice stroll from half field all the way to the end line in the 18 and was taken down, PK called and he finished it nicely top right. 2-0 Devils.
During the 1st half Rust Belt did have a nice header go wide, few times Richie Weiand had to come out and punch or slide to make a save.
15 mins into half, Lucas Metzger was found wide open on the right side and dribbled into 18, played a low driving ball to Chris Wzontek who left footed from 6 yards out into the net off the keeper who almost made the save. 3-0 Devils.
Water Break again.
70th-ish minute  Mike Wzontek was found in on net alone after a chip over the last 2 Rust Belt  Defenders by Karl Buko. where Mike was able to push it past the keeper and slot it in from a bad angle 4-0 Devils. Shortly after. Shawn Powers found Ryan Acanfora for the almost exact same goal as the previous 5-0.
85th minute Mike Wzontek headed a ball over the last defenders. Chris Wzontek in on net SHassed it (shot but ended up being a pass) to a streaking Lucas Metzger who roofed it from 6 yards out to put Devils up 6-0.  
Rust Belt had chances but seemed to be offsides on every great opportunity they had.
Clean Sheet for 2nd game in a row Richie Weiand.
I wish we could play Rust Belt every week.... not bc of the score at all or by any means but we have a good time playing one another (met in the Tehel Cup earlier this season). We joke, laugh it up and drink beer at Goodbar together after. What else could you ask for? Best of Luck on the rest of the season, good group of guys. Cheers.

Impatiently waiting for the FC Yemen vs Cheektowaga cage match recap..... Twisted Evil


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