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FC Quake 2 SPAL 2

Post  spfallon9432 on Mon Jun 27, 2016 10:08 am

Yet another sizzling BDSL Sunday had as wrap up our June against 6th place SPAL. In our short history playing these guys indoor and now outdoor, game seem to always be tight and intense end-to-end and this one did not disappoint. We started with 17, SPAL appeared to have 30 including their new GK just added Saturday, but apparently the heat took a toll on my ability to count and it was only 21 or 22.

Kickoff came and it was fireworks right away, bad fireworks. We have got to figure out how to get our own heads out of our a** at the opening whistle as we paid a dear price for coming out slow this time. We started with ball, 3 passes later we lost cleanly a 1v1 to Jackson who was coming at me full speed with Rider breaking in behind our RB. I got stuck waiting for the first move which was a perfectly weighted ball by Jackson putting Rider in alone on Eaton and he slotted it just inside near post. 1-0 SPAL 1' in. Sigh. We yelled at each other for a few seconds and then proceeded to possess very well for the next several minutes, ultimately getting Lamos space cutting into the 18 where he let go a shot from a bit of an angle that was obviously (not intentionally) blocked by a SPAL outstretched arm and rightfully called a PK. Lamos calmly buried it past O'Mara, leveling it at 1-1 5'. Feeling a bit fortunate we definitely had more jump in our step from here on, but SPAL certainly did as well throughout. Game proceeded on a pretty torrent pace with good strings of possession both ways. Cant think of any really good looks for SPAL for majority of half, whereas our CM/F combos up top really were working the gaps in SPAL D very well and came close numerous times, 1 for Iwankow on a clean look from 15 yards, Walker two looks in the 18, Mammoliti on a mini-breakaway that he would want back. All shot wide or in the breakaway case within range of O'Mara. Alas 1-1 into the later portions of half when a SPAL counter resulted in an attempted shot (cross?) that glanced off a defenders thigh then arm, prompting a slightly more questionable PK call than ours, but not going to argue. Not sure who stepped to the spot to take it but all I know is we had Eaton in net, so it didn't matter. Eaton in typical fashion read the shooter, timed his dive perfectly and cleanly caught a fairly well taken shot. Ridiculous. Invigorated we pushed forward with possession a couple times creating chances, around 40' winning a FK from 35-40 yards out. Iwankow initially stepped to it but passed off the duty to the strong left foot of Lafko who fired ball towards the far post on a rope and into the tippy top corner past the fingertips of O'Mara. Not 100% sure if he actually meant to shoot it, but amazing either way. 2-1 FCQ. We felt content to just defend the final 3-4' to half, but did the opposite as weak defending got ourselves countered off another MF turnover. SPAL made a good sequence of passes sending in Greco In similar fashion to their first and he made no mistake 1v1 with Eaton inside a minute left. 2-2 at half.

An up and down affair, but knowing we had squandered several real good chances to have 4 or 5 goals kept things positive, we knew we needed to be better in our end. Second half started with back-and-forth play with a couple peripheral looks for SPAL and likewise us. About 55' some more great one touch passing looked to spring Mammoliti but the outside SPAL Dman made a really really nice play to cut him off just as we he went to release it and blocked the attempt. The half wore on and we lost 1 guy to family matters, and 1 or 2 more to minor injury. Down to a healthy 14 slowly started to show its toll from a combo of the heat, pace game was played at, and the SPAL army they showed up with. Game also was ramping up in physicality with numerous tackles and strong bodied plays. We continued to find space but it became more of the counter-attack variety with largely a good play by SPAL backline or O'Mara thwarting us before a good shot could be had. SPAL pressed numbers forward and had pretty good stretches of possession into our final third. I can recall 2 very good looks for them, both coming in the last 10-15 minutes when we really began to look tired. One off a FK where a rare mistimed header from Lafko nearly put it on a platter for I believe Yapa at the far post but he missed just wide. Second was a nice sequence of play by SPAL that had I believe Rider on the doorstep with an aerial attempt that he put over the bar from really close range. We weren't without our chances as Walker had a good look from inside the 18, Mammoliti grazed the crossbar off a nice CK far post, and a really pretty sequence sprung Kerr on a breakaway but a great last second toe poke from I believe the same RB for SPAL thwarted what looked like a sure go ahead goal late. Final whistle came to a pretty fair draw 2-2.

I think both sides feel they could of pulled out 2 extra points tonight, with us missing on more good chances the first 60 minutes, and SPAL taking their turn the final 30. Overall a very well played match and good group in SPAL. They like to play the verbal game a bit but all in good spirit. We shift focus to a tough Tehel Cup match 7/7 vs. Southtowns and a more favorable looking July schedule. Enjoy the 4th weekend off BDSL, I know we need it!


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