Crimson Fire 3 Celtic 1888 2

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Crimson Fire 3 Celtic 1888 2

Post  MitchAC on Mon Jun 27, 2016 10:24 am

Warm day but around 6pm we were protected by clouds which was nice. Both teams had about 2-3 subs. We were missing much of our offense not having Jamie Asbach, August Cadle or Fenesse Henry. We were surprised on how short the field was both length and width wise, especially compared to the Island which definitely hurt our speed game.

Game started with us out possessing Celtic about 70-30 but Celtic managed to cut off every final pass in their final third. Celtic would try to string passes of their own but they seemed to be a team that were still learning each other from lack of attendance and would rather dribble. Corben, Stogner and Jared would easily snuff that out. About 15 or so in a defender passed the ball back to their keeper and the keeper misplayed it. Dan Tarbell beat him to the ball and from a terrible angel put it by the keeper. 1-0. Maybe 5-10 mins later Dylan Cunningham who we just signed last week had some great touches. He found the ball and streaked down the right side of the field where the defender (very hansy all night) repeatedly pulled his jersey from behind and then grabbed him bringing him down in the box. Pretty easy call and Dylan put the ball in the back of the net for his first as a Crimson. 2-0. Not much later Celtic would get on the board after being clearly fouled by the half line. They were allowed to quickly take the FK 8 yards away from the foul and put it behind the defense who were complaining about it and the kid dribbled into the six and put it past Guarino. Unlucky, we were fuming. 2-1. Joe Stogner would then flick the ball up to Dylan who made no mistake and put the ball in the side pocket. 3-1 HT

Second half started with both teams having fair possession. Celtic scored early on. I was on the bench so couldn't see it clearly but it looked like a forward cut in and passed it in the six with another finishing by roofing the ball. 3-2. Both teams would have chances in the remainder of the game. Tarbell could have easily had a hat trick but the goalie was able to come out and cut down the angle on the very short field. Celtic is a good team, quick just need to get some chemistry. Good luck rest of the year.


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