Revolution 0 - Celtic Classic 1

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Revolution 0 - Celtic Classic 1

Post  ajbalsd on Mon Jun 27, 2016 10:52 pm

It is really tough to get a good recap across when all you want to do is blame everything on the ref. We have had this center twice already, and he was brutal both times. He doesn't seem to be right for this league. He is very timid, and does not want to make a call that could upset someone, which in turn upsets even more people.

Now, before I go over the 55 seconds that decided this game, let me get a few things out. First off, we can't seem to buy a goal (we are cheap, so that might explain it). We hit a few posts, shanked a few shots, and just flat out missed on our opportunities (which we had a TON of). That, and Steve Espeland, their keeper, came up with at least a handful of HUGE saves. He was the main reason we didn't win (or tie). I really can't remember Celtic having a shot on net the entire second half, or the first for that matter, except....

It was early in the game, and we had some pressure building in their end. There was a clear handball in their box. The ref decided to not blow the whistle, or give any explanation of why there wasn't a handball. The ball is immediately punted down to our end, takes a huge bounce off of the cement, and inadvertently hits Ben in the hand, in the box. The ref decides to call THAT one a handball, giving Celtic a PK, which they converted. Was it a handball, you could argue either way. However, you CAN'T let one go and call the other. That is just brutal. The ref missed at least 25 handballs during the game (and no, that really isn't a stretch). He let too much go on, and he even let a Celtic player berate him on a few different occasions, dropping some F bombs in his direction, which the ref didn't seem to care about. We were no angels in that sense, giving the ref some issues. However, I have no idea why he decided to give Andy a yellow for saying his calls were funny (yes, those were his exact words). Apparently he doesn't mind being told he f'ing sucks, but don't say his calls are funny.

Anyway, we need to break this goalless streak soon, or not. It doesn't really matter this year, so we just need to get the kinks ironed out for next season. Good luck to Celtic the rest of the way. Have a great 4th everybody!

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