Saints 2 - 0 Beast City

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Saints 2 - 0 Beast City

Post  mj1350 on Thu Jun 30, 2016 5:01 pm

Game played at Sweet Home Middle School, field was a dry and agricultural, but Beast insisted that they get a great rate, so can't fault them there.

Thought this was one of our best games of the year. Beast City are pretty similar to us in terms of age and mentality, and we had a lot of nice chatter throughout. Kerri and Caleb were very dangerous up top together, Kerri held up the ball and Holmes got in behind with his pace. They teach you in dental school how to be ruthless, I'm pretty sure. He burned his man and put us up 1-0 halfway through the first half. We had one scare where Jeremy had to come way off his line, but other than that pretty tidy play. Passing was good early on, we were pinging it around nicely. UG and Bizzy both missed sitters in the 6 from a nice Lawlor delivery. 1-0 at half. Caleb pulled another shot just wide. Mark Kozar had an outstanding half, playing with great confidence and aggression.

Second half the quality of play dropped for both teams. Forest had a great game at CB and saved us a couple times and Kraska fell on a dangerous cross bouncing around in our 18. Caleb exploded past his guy and was fouled in the most obvious PK call I've ever seen not given. Honestly he was murdered in the box.  Shortly after, Forest had a 1 v 1 with their keeper but a great save by him. Lawlor shanked his shot into the parking lot, but let the record show he launched one into the top corner last weekend. Shortly after this, Kerri turned on the Jamaican speed and went past their LB, then allowed him to catch back up, and then ran past him again. He did this for fun, I think. He then missed the net. Caleb again got by his man after some great passing and was pulled from behind, and this one was finally given as a PK. Jorge stepped up and placed it. 2 - 0. Not too much to report the rest of the game. I'd like to give some love to Kurek, Forest, and Mirko who all played great, and I'd like to throw some shade at Chris Logiudice who, because he knows a bunch of us, thought it would be cool to kick several of us in the ankles away from the play. If we took our chances this game might have been 4 or 5 nil. Good luck going forward Beast. Make sure you beat FC Quake when you play them, or we're no longer friends.


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