2nd Division June Grades

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2nd Division June Grades

Post  Michael Schieber on Fri Jul 08, 2016 1:14 pm

2nd Division June Grades

Buffalo Blizzard FC
B+ ††From what Iíve heard opponents are walking away from their games vs Blizzard shaking their heads thinking they shoulda done better. Iím not sure if that means teams are overlooking this plucky side or if they are really better than they are given credit for. Either way they still are too far to have a look at playoffs nor are they too low to worry about relegation.
Preseason: 8th
May: 11th
June: 11th

Celtic 1888
D- †Somehow they beat Meerkats FC. thats certainly the high point for them this season. Their defense really hasnít improved at all. Theyíve allowed at least 3 goals in every game theyíve played except for one. That is a recipe for disaster which is really how itís been for this side. Lone bright spots are Austin Mueller and Max McArthur. The coming Celtic offseason reshuffle/restructuring will be interesting. Keeping those two in the mix would be smart.
Preseason: 6th
May: 14th
June: 13th

D+ †If May was a pretty poor month then June was only a slight improvement. With the FC Yemen incident marring the season itís tough for me to see them digging out of the hole theyíve created until I see they play Celtic 1888 which is essentially a relegation game. So win that and you stay in D2.
Preseason: 13th
May: 10th
June: 12th

Crimson Fire FC
B+ †It woulda been an A but for a ugly 4-0 loss on the DSC Buffalo. Other then that I think its pretty safe to say they are certainly a D2 playoff side. Tarbell is ripping through the league and was rumored to have even a premier team come calling in the transfer window. While Crimson retained him for this year promotion might be essential to keep him in the mix going forward. And for this side that has been the goal anyways.
Preseason: 4th
May: 3rd
June: 4th

DSC Buffalo
A- †Started off June right with 3 straight wins before falling to Blizzard. It seems like when this team is in the mood they are one of the better D2 sides with Ssozi leading the way. They just havenít really shown that drive enough which is a tad concerning. Showdown with Tonawanda United the week before playoffs start will be interesting.
Preseason: 2nd
May: 7th
June: 5th

FC Yemen II
C †On the field the talent here is proving itself. The issues of the field though leave some with bad memories in their heads. Iíd rather not talk about it here though. They have two really difficult games remaining including what I think might be a win and youíre in game vs West Side FC. Ultimately I think they wind up just short of points needed for playoffs.
Preseason: 10th
May: 9th
June: 7th

Meerkats FC
F ††Essentially weíre seeing a complete and utter collapse of the Meerkats. The numbers from June were ugly. In their last three games they conceded 17 goals. While they now sit still in the playoffs Iím not sure what the rest of this season looks like for them so I canít keep them there. Too many warning signs here while other sides around them seem to be on the rise. Missing the playoffs would be a huge disappointment but thatís what I got for now.
Preseason: 1st
May: 1st
June: 8th

D+ †PLYSA appear to be struggling here suddenly. I know injuries have had a role in their poor June but there young stars have found D2 life hard. Probably why there were little rumors about them leaving this year at transferday. Losing Tewsley to Youngstown was a considerable loss as well. End of season schedule might not have a win left so well see what happens with them.
Preseason: 7th
May: 6th
June: 12th

Pendleton United FC
B+ †Canít give a team who forfeits an A but it woulda been one had they played that out. Aside from that Pendelton really made some statements in June with wins over both previously undefeated sides in Tonawanda United and Rampart FC. This young squad is turning some heads. Balanced scoring across the board and while they maybe lack some speed in the backline they have proven themselves more than capable there as well. They could (and maybe should) run the table in July. Certainly a playoff and promotion threat.
Preseason: 3rd
May: 5th
June: 3rd

Rampart FC
A- †Rampart FC finally looks to be becoming the power club I thought they could be after a solid run in June. Sure the lose to Pendelton was tough but they punished some other good teams last month and have a fairly easy run out to end the season. Curious to see Veronica leading the team in goals but really the scoring is spread out on this side. With Holler back leading the defense instead of in the net theyíll probably secure a top 2 spot.
Preseason: 5th
May: 2nd
June: 2nd

Tonawanda United
A- ††Showing few signs of slowing down after a 3-1 June Tonawanda doubled down and nabbed back Nate Holler from floundering BSC Inter. If thats not a sign of them following their own Promotion or Die slogan Iím not sure what is. The help is needed though as they maybe have the toughest remaining schedule of any contender left but there is little doubt they wonít be a team that title hopes of others must go through. †
Preseason: 9th
May: 4th
June: 1st

F- †Unfortunately my prediction of a tough June for them held true for them and they have essentially crumbled going 0-4. Few if any bright spots here. They needed lots of points early and that didnít happen. Sadly I think this is the end of the road for proud Ukraine in D2.
Preseason: 12th
May: 12th
June: 14th

WNY United Reds
B ††Itís becoming a solid little year for this club that usually is fighting for their D2 lives at this stage of the game most years. Defense continues to be their saving grace as they continue to struggle to find the back of the net. I think they could win once or twice more too. Maybe something to build on here for the Reds.
Preseason: 14th
May: 13th
June: 10th

West Side FC
C †West Side is really desperate and doing everything it can to climb back into the playoff mix. Adding back Richie Namulala is a clear sign of that I think. Is it too little too late? Whether theyíll admit it or not getting 3 freebie points over Pendelton is a huge boost and the remaining schedule is extremely kind. Knapp is the leader they need right now and if they pull this off I suspect it will be on his shoulders to do it. If thats the case Iíll take my chances with them as the 6th seed.
Preseason: 11th
May: 8th
June: 6th

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