Premier June Grades

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Premier June Grades

Post  Michael Schieber on Fri Jul 08, 2016 1:16 pm

Premier June Grades

Amherst Sharpshooters
B- †Two expect results and two sorta disappointing ones here for Amherst in June. Steele is following up his player of the year performance from last season with another great year leading the scoring races in the division again. Iím interested to see how Arvin fits into this side. Losing LaFlore was a bit surprising too but the numbers on defense more doesnít mean it is really that significant of a loss. All in all they should pace out the rest off the season by holding onto first for their second regular season premier title.
Preseason: 2nd
May: 1st
June: 1st

BSC International
D+ ††Itís weird with them as they drew two teams currently in playoff spots but then are getting routinely trounced in all other games. 3 huge games in June against the 3 teams directly above them. With Kevin Au leaving theyíll be leaning on the new adds to pull them out of the relegation. With them conceding at a rate 4 goals a game thatís a really tough ask.
Preseason: 12th
May: 12th
June: 12th

BSC Raiders
B- †††Back to back draws to end June has them currently in 3rd place, which is typically about as low as it gets for this side. Good news is that FC Buffalo season is just about over so Walter, McFayden, and now Donaldson will all look to regulars for them. Scary thought. Top to bottom this is the best roster in the league that has a month to get back to playing like it. Iíd take that bet if anyone wants it.
Preseason: 1st
May: 2nd
June: 2nd

Buffalo United SS
C+ ††So while they didnít fully rebound in June they did show enough signs of life that I think theyíll survive the drop. One final hard game before playing both fellow relegation battlers. They made an effort to get younger at the deadline and I think that bodes well for them going forward. All in all a semi lost season but maybe needed to refresh this team.
Preseason: 6th
May: 8th
June: †9th

Celtic United
B+ †††A 3-1 month of June has Celtic United sitting in the last playoff spot. Defensively they flexed their muscle allowing just 3 goals in the last 4 games. It was obvious that the team that came out in May was different then what was coming the rest of the year. Their remaining schedule is a touch tricky and that date v Queenston FC looms large. Still like them to earn the last playoff berth though.
Preseason: 8th
May: 6th
June: 6th

B †††The draw v BSC Inter withstanding it was another solid month for the Yotes who now have solidified themselves as a playoff team. They made a slick add in bring in AC LaFlore too who will bring some depth to the backline that was probably their biggest need. I donít know how he does it but Len Previte should sell his blood or something when he finally hangs it up. The Yemen Elite game will be interesting as i have them penciled in for a rematch in round 1 of the playoffs. Glad to see this side bouce back after that poor 2015 campaign.
Preseason: 9th
May: 6th
June: 4th

FC Yemen
D- †Basically a giant collapse for this young side in June. In fighting rumors swirl around them constantly it seems. They took the forfeit win over Rogue FC which right now might be the only reason they get saved from relegation. Some seem to think they thought Premier would come easy due to their run in Tehel Cup last year. I think they have learned some lessons this year on what a full 11 game top flight schedule can do to you. They must win vs BSC International otherwise they could be in trouble.
Preseason: 11th
May: 9th
June: 11th

Queenston FC
D+ ††You know that as soon as I give my rivals a little bit of credit and pick them as a team on the rise they belly flop in June. It makes sense that they try to make me look silly by making themselves look bad. Losers. Aside from the win over Rogue FC, they slept walked through the rest of their games it seems and it might cost them the playoffs. Such a shameÖ.couldnít happen to a less deserving teamÖ..
Preseason: 7th
May: 4th
June: 7th

Rogue FC
D †An team that I was high on that has really just gone off the rails a bit in June. Tough losses to Queenston FC and Celtic United pushed them out of the top 6 and then the forfeit was really a gut punch to their hopes as well. Now they sit with 10 points and have the top three teams left all on their schedule in July. Could they lose out and get relegated. Absolutely. Will it happen? I donít think so. I just canít see them in the playoffs at this point though. Really test might come this offseason as there seem to be clear divisions within this side.
Preseason: 5th
May: 3rd
June: 8th

Roos FC
D+ ††Two embarrassing results culminated in the need for our roster shake up. I would dare anyone not to call us the winner of the transfer deadline. All three new (and returning) Roos played key roles in the draw to Amherst. We are a different team now with more of a spine then before. Losing Beshaw again is tough for us but Reid and Greco continue to make things happen. Of course Iím a homer so Iím predicting what just 2 weeks ago seemed impossible and say we beat the drop. Weíll know quickly our fate with games vs Inter and BUSS up coming. Weíll make it.
Preseason: 10th
May: 11th
June: 10th

A+ †††Not a whole lotta style with SoHo FC these days but they get the job done. Mangano has been great and Teidt has reinvented himself a bit with a different phyiscal game then his years past. Collectively they know and have faith in just about everyone on the roster. †I would Ordonez has played himself onto the Premier Player of the Year shortlist. †I think they would desperately like to have a 1st round bye. If they beat long rival Raiders theyíll get it too.
Preseason: 4th
May: 5th
June: 3rd

Yemen Elite
A- ††††Donít look now but Yemen Elite is growing into †the team most expected heading into the season instead of the ghost team that limped through May. While they still donít have a clean sheet to their name, they have certainly cleaned it up in the back and that is why they have returned to prominence. Premier has seen several terrific wing players this year but Adel Rahman has a claim as one of the leagues best. Still plenty of work left in July with the remaining run of games but if they keep up the recent level of play I think theyíll stay in the playoffs.
Preseason: 3rd
May: 10th

June: 5th

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Re: Premier June Grades

Post  LP1 on Fri Jul 08, 2016 2:24 pm

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