Panthers 2 - 1 RVS

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Panthers 2 - 1 RVS

Post  clarkie6 on Mon Jul 11, 2016 8:50 am

Beautiful day to play a game as we showed up for kickoff at 6pm with 8 players, at 6:15 when the game started we had 18, RVS had 13. We started in the usual panthers fashion, poorly, and rvs made us pay. The attacked down the middle and I made a poor play on the guy with the ball, he knocked it forward to a player who we thought for sure was in an offside position who tucked it away nicely. We yelled at the AR, he said he thought our player kicked it to him. Anyway, we sucked and they scored so fair enough. We started to pick it up a little and Jerome Lee Yaw found a lot of space to work in up front. We couldn't put anything together that really threatened though. Overall, we really weren't playing well, and RVS was putting a lot of pressure on us. They had a bit of pace up front with #17 and he did a good job pushing it up our wings. RVS had a few corners and a ton of long throw ins that were very dangerous. I didn't think about it until after the game but the narrow field really played against us and for them I think. Mid way through the first half we equalized with a header by Franco off a cross, good goal. RVS had a bunch of good chances, Matt Smith was equal to all of them. Finished the half 1-1.
Second half we started and it felt like we were playing a bit better, getting good attacks down the wings and had some very open shots that didn't produce anything. RVS felt a lot less threatening, but still had good runs up the field. Matt Smith made two amazing stops, one off a free kick that was going upper corner far post. Great save. With about 10 minutes to go, Jerome Lee Yaw rose up on a cross and headed home a beauty to make it 2-1. We grinded out the last ten minutes, and with about 3 to go the ref made a no call on a very very clear penalty. He really let a lot go today, but the game overall was played very cleanly.
Whistle blew and we won. I have to say that RVS was the most complaining team we've played all year, very annoying. I also found out later that after they scored early their center back said something to the effect of I can't believe that no one has scored on these guys this year. Granted we played like poop today, but a little cocky for a 5-4 team to say about a 9-0 team and that is really how most of their team seemed to think/act. Looks like schedule wise they will make it in the playoffs, good luck to them.


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