Crimson FC 5 - Tonawanda United 1

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Crimson FC 5 - Tonawanda United 1

Post  MitchAC on Mon Jul 11, 2016 9:34 am

Beautiful day outside yesterday on the Island. TU showed up with 14 and Crimson started the game with 10 getting our 11th about 10 mins into the game. It would be 11 for us for the whole game. TU had the majority of possession for the game. We knew the only thing we would be able to do is counter. We asked the refs for water breaks and each time one was called certain players on TU would complain. Seems ridiculous but whatever.

The game was scoreless up until after the first water break. TU had multiple chances at scoring, may have hit all three bars throughout the game but failed to do any damage. They did manage to score first when a long ball went in between our defender Brandon Claps and our goalie Dylan Guarino. Brandon went to clear it and it ended up deflecting off of Dylan coming out for it. Deflection went right to Nate Holler who walked the ball in pretending to shoot a few times. 1-0 TU. At this point probably all 22 players thought the floodgates would open. Instead we ended up stringing a few passes together. Dylan Cunningham flicked the ball around a defender and crossed it to Jamie Asbach who tied the game minutes later. 1-1. Right before HT the same thing happened. Cunningham dribbled around a few players, crossed it to Jamie who waited for the goalie to come out and beat him again. TU would have a goal line save minutes later from a break-a-way I sent Jamie Asbach on. 2-1 HT.

Fruit was had at HT with Jared Billica telling us to get our poop together. That worked.

Second half was similar to the first with TU pushing for an equalizer and us countering. Maybe 15-20 into the half TU began to tire which allowed us to start to possess the ball which helped us defenders rest up. TU had another cross in our box to which Jared Fransisco (who changed his flight back from Poland to Saturday night so he could be at the game) sent the ball up to Jamie who beat one defender, megged another defender and gave us a 3-1 lead. Last water break back to the game, few minutes later we had a throw in. Matt Pohezel would frequently run by the bench for a bite of watermelon or water before he threw  which we would yell at him, kid is goofy but this time he threw it right to Cunningham who volleyed it to himself over the head of a defender. Beat another defender cutting over the ball and got our 4th goal. Credit to TU for not giving up and kept coming at us. Jamie would take the ball into their corner, we thought he would waste time but instead he had a give and go with Mark Passatino to get his 4th goal of the game. 5-1 Crimson FT. Best group of refs we've had all year by far.

Huge win for Crimson putting us in second while missing starters in August Cadle, Dan Tarbell, Corben Hamiester, Fenesse Henry and Justin Claps among other players. Huge game by the stitched up back line and Dylan Guarino who blocked a few chances within the 6 yard box early on to keep us in the game.


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