Rangers 2 Lakeside 0

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Rangers 2 Lakeside 0

Post  Pszafranek on Mon Jul 11, 2016 9:36 am

A gorgeous day out at Nichols for a 6 o clock kick off. I believe both teams showed with between 16-18 guys with both teams having a couple people scrambling in last minute because of the Euro, myself being one of them. Anyways.

The game started and not sure why we tend to do this every week but we come out flat for the first 5 minutes or so before we start to find our form. Lakeside had early possession and pressure for the first 5-10 minutes until we settled in, then we pretty much owned possession the rest of the half with some counters and little couple minute spells of possession from Lakeside. Both teams weren't really to threatening the first half goal scoring wise with only a handful a shots on target from both sides. Pretty calm first half.

Second half started with possession mainly played in the middle third with us out possessing them 60-40 this half. Probably 10 minutes into half we get a free kick probably 20 or so out and while lakeside is yelling at each other trying to figure out a wall and what not Aaron steps up and puts one in the back of the net catching them completely off guard. Great awareness from Aaron on that heads up play. I'd say another 15 minutes of play go by with a couple chances again until we're awarded a pk. I was played a nice ball that Nati dumbied nicely to set me up for a shot that I didn't get much power on but as the defender went to block the shot and spun his arm chicken winged away from his side to give us a pk call. I stepped up to the spot and buried it after getting one saved earlier in the year. After this goal lakeside put some pressure on us sending guys forward and I'd say within the last 5 minutes they had their best chances of the game, if not some of there only real scoring chances, but couldn't find a finishing touch.
Lakeside also played with 12 men on the field twice this game which awarded them a yellow. I think with some better organization they could be a decent team, but everyone seemed to not know where they were playing which played against them.

Good clean fun game and this win shoots us up into 3rd place and I believe if we get another point out of our next 2 games we secure a playoff spot. Best referring we've had all year by far. Can't remember her name but very well done by her in the center.


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