Credible Clarence Coyotes Comfortably Cruise, Continue Chart Climb, Clinch

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Credible Clarence Coyotes Comfortably Cruise, Continue Chart Climb, Clinch

Post  david martinez on Mon Jul 11, 2016 11:39 am

The recurring daymare is becoming less and less frequent... I was pumping a more recent (aka: not from the 90s) Talib Kweli CD on my way out to Youngstown to play against a new premier side (Queenston), feeling pretty good (aside from the hammy and back, and preparing to try to help Clarence somewhat salvage a seemingly unsalvageable season [this happened last year].  We showed up that day with 9 players and finished the game with 10.  Our opponents crushed us.  They were a decent team, but, by games end, they were chirping around and doing trick plays that made us look and feel pretty low.  That was the lowest point for us, as a team, in our 8 years of existence.  We clearly had lost the respect that we had been building up for 5 or 6 years (since aound 2010 I'd say).  Teams looked forward to playing our 10 or 11 or 12 man team last year. That feeling/daymare and that game has been playing over and over in our, collective, head ever since...

Last night, I was pumping that same Talib Kweli on the way out to Clarence Town Hall Park - feeling pretty good (aside from the knee) and preparing to help Clarence seek revenge upon the team (FC Yemen) that took us out of the quarters of last year's Tehel Cup, and possibly secure a playoff spot.

Well, as mentioned some weeks ago - this is not last year's Clarence Coyote squadron... Our new recruits, solid player/coaching, consistent hustle and strong play, and frequent forum posts, coupled with an active twitter account and @officialbdsl favoritism has yielded a collegiality and results that rival those of our storied 2010 season.

And, holy guacamole sauce, we brought in AC "La Fleur La Fleur" LaFlore, who played 90 for us in his Inaugural Coyote Cap...Our defense went from beastily stalwart to downright nasty!  That kid nearly broke two separate game balls during goal kicks... Another hardworking, smart, strong, super talented, nice guy (who you really don't want to f%*k with) - typical Yote.

FC Yemen is a good team.  They are young and talented, decently fast, and super quick.  There were always 2 or 3 going to every ball.  Nice kids - but we definitely deserved the win.  We controlled the super-majority of play and took a 1-0 lead into half-time after Derek Maier flew down the left side, then flew down the end line a bit before crossing a beaut over to Dre.  Dre took a nice low shot, which was saved by an athletic, gloveless goalie, before Brody cleaned it up and buried it.  Big goal.

Halftime saw Gary then Sief (who didn't dress for the game) give nice talks.  Gary continues to merit his worth both on and off the field this season - a true leader.

We continued right where we left off.  JJ was as consistent and hardworking as a busy beaver.  Derek was merciless.  That dude was all over the field - up and down the sidelines and across.  Very skillful and effective.  Schroentrain too - just technically superior to your average bear.  Anyway, we played a very sound, workpersonlike second half, and were rewarded when Incho buried a cross from.. (Derek, I think)... 2-0 good guys.

Finally, a hardworking Jose was rewarded for his efforts when he scored his first goal as a Coyote off of a nice pass from Incho.

3-0 final.  

Four straight shutout quarters (Tehel and Regular season) for LP1 and the back line.  Well deserved.

Needless to say, we all know and feel that we have regained our credibility and confidence, and have, undoubtedly re-earned our respect.

Last night's win kangarooed us into 3rd place in Premier.  We also clinched a playoff spot.

MVP: Derek Maier

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