BUSS 3 - Amherst Sharpshooters 3

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BUSS 3 - Amherst Sharpshooters 3

Post  B_Calvaneso on Mon Jul 11, 2016 7:49 pm

Can we please have the month of May back? What a wreck the fifth month of 2016 was for us this year. Usually we get out of the gates hot and slow down throughout the year, but this year was completely opposite. May and early June gave us some games that we would love to have back....games that would have changed our season had we took points from them.

Apparently there was a bit of a scheduling conflict and Nichols would only have one field available at 2pm. Prior to the game, Pete Marlette's moped/motorcycle took a nasty blow from an errant lacrosse ball. We must have had to dodge 3 or 4 shots that came flying at us on the sidelines as we were warming up. Stupid lacrosse players. Anywho, yeah, it was pretty hot and the Nichols turf made my feet feel like they were on fire. Side note, my turf shoes were destroyed in the West Side International Soccer tournament that myself and a few of the BUSS players played in the day before. So yeah, that kind of sucked, now I need a new pair.

So yesterday we showed up with 15 compared to Amherst's 14 with one showing up a few minutes into the game.

The game started off pretty boring to be honest. Sharpshooters had the first chance when Regan missed a sitter on the right side of the net about 8-10 yards out. Nine times out of ten I bet he buries that one. Good news for us I suppose.

About 20-25 minutes in Kyle Clifford slips through the defense on a through ball from Jeff Panik and makes no mistake on the breakaway slotting it past Durst.

1-0 BUSS

10 minutes or so later Sharpshooters earn a throw in deep in our end, a few feet from the corner flag. Kyle comes over to the bench and asks for a water. The first one I grabbed was warm, the second one was warm also. I knew that I had just recently filled one of our water bottles with the ice cold water I brought in the gatorade cooler. He said "gimme any water". I said "no, you are getting the cold water bottle, you need it." He proceeded to take the water bottle and drink from it, and also pour some on his head. Why is this important? Well the few extra seconds it took me to find the correct water bottle left Kyle in the perfect position to receive the clearance from our backs. He turned up field dribbled about 20 yards and placed a beautifully bent ball into the far corner just out of the reach of the sprawling keeper. I should get the assist on that one, but instead it goes unassisted.

2-0 BUSS

Half time comes and we are pretty happy on the side lines. We played pretty well defensively, keeping arguably the best player in the BDSL off the board. Our midfield, while not really controlling the game, was doing well keeping the ball when needed. And Kyle was burying his chances. But as we all should know 2-0 is the most dangerous lead in sports. At least that's what we are told. We just had to stay strong and play tough to finish this one out.

Well once the second half started we decided that we were gonna let this one slip away. A few minutes into the half Regan sent a lovely long ball that hit Justin, I believe, in stride. He had a bit of work to do to keep Salim from gaining possession. But he managed to slip the ball past Daddario.

2-1 BUSS

Some time later Sharpshooters earned a free kick. Regan steps up and finds Tom Fusillo, again not sure, on the back post unmarked and he slotted it home.


At this point our young kids stepped their games up big time. Sam Sutherland was giving the defenders fits on his side of the field for a good bit of time. Saleman Salim was playing tough on the other side of the field. Somebody sent a through ball to Salim, who raced to get to it on the end line. Salim played a through ball to Sam, who was crashing near post. Sam got a good hit on it inside the 6 and roofed it.

3-2 BUSS

I was talking to Trevor from Sharpshooters and it seems like every time we play them the game is back and forth like this. Other than the Tehel Cup game of course where we lost 5-1. Even though I don't think the scoreline of that game was necessarily accurate to how the game was played.

Well sure enough with a few minutes left in regulation Sharpshooters answered. They earned a foul on the right sideline just outside of the 18. Regan stepped up and placed a beauty back post where he found Zack Wood unmarked. I was probably closest to the ball but I was marking a different guy. It may have crossed the goal line before Woody got his foot on it. That play it seemed like Amherst had 15 guys on the field. We had everybody back but they still had two guys unmarked. One of which scored the goal.


That's how the game ended, a few chances both ways before the end of the game but nothing doing. I thought we played really well. Our young guys have stepped up in a big way and have sparked some life into what was a dead season. We still aren't technically out of the playoffs yet. We need to win our next two games and need a bit of help from other teams. I think right now we are one of the tougher teams to play since our revitalization. It's a shame that we haven't played this way all season and that we have to fight to make the top 6.

Player of the game has to go to Kyle Clifford, with Sam Sutherland and Josh Hammer as a close second place. Kyle gave Amherst fits all day, and if not for a brilliant save by Durst, would have gotten his first hat trick of the season.

Good luck to Sharpshooters the rest of the way. It's always fun playing those guys.


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