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Revolution 2 - AAII 3 Empty Revolution 2 - AAII 3

Post  ajbalsd on Tue Jul 12, 2016 12:30 pm

I am a few days away from a vacation, so this recap is going to be short and sweet. The good news, we doubled our goal output for the entire month of June in one game. The bad news, the AAII keeper made 3-4 absolutely ridiculous saves (he was phenomenal!) that gave them the game. This recap can be copied and pasted for the last two weeks even before we play the games (not saying we will lose the last two, just that we will run into a good keeper and not get any breaks/miss on our chances). Just the way our season has gone this year. Ben Chang had both goals. One was on a cross (can't remember who sent it there) where he won the ball in the box and sent it home. The other was on a PK (handball in the box). On the bright side, we have a fantastic group of guys on our team, and we never forget the beer for after the game. That, and some Bar Bill wings helped ease the sting of this loss. Good luck to AAII in the playoffs (I am assuming they will make it). We are off to face those crazy Dutch bastards next week! Well, the rest of the team will be, I will be on the beach. Considering the only game we have won this year was the first game, which I missed, I expect a W from the boys.

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