Willies 2 Panthers 0 *shocktheworld*

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Willies 2 Panthers 0 *shocktheworld*

Post  TJackson97 on Mon Jul 18, 2016 11:43 am

Our first forum post comes after what really was our best performance up to this point. The game started late, as per usual, at around 645. We were confident going into the game knowing that our youth and speed was bound to give them troubles; it was an additional benefit of the game being played on turf, which i believe makes a huge difference in the way we pass. Willies had approx 17 players, and Panthers I would guess 15.

The first half ended 0-0 after a very good half of soccer being played from both ends. The goalkeepers from both sides played very solid, and did not allow anything by them in the first 45. We were oozing confidence after playing a stellar game last week, and (at times) our game showed it. The quality of the attacking players of Panthers occasionally put us on our heals, but great defending and work rate from the trio of Harris, Looney, and Bachwitz along with the rest of the defense ultimately kept them at bay.

The 2nd half started very fast as we continued to pursue the wings of the field. Bellinger picked up the ball on the left side of the field, and worked his way into the box. A nice bit of skill would see him skip past the defender, who gave up a penalty after a clumsy challenge. Bellinger finished his PK with a cool finish into the left side netting, 1-0. The next 15 or so minutes Panthers attacked us, and it would take plenty of hustle to see it out. Panthers ultimately did not have the legs to keep up with us, and the last 20 minutes of the game showed it. M Soos had a true moment of brilliance (or luck?) when he picked up the ball in the left wing position and sent in a high floating ball just over the goalies head and into the bottom right corner of the net. Of course we will all tell him that it was meant to be a cross, it was still a good finish. The remainder of the game the Panthers had to work very hard to keep us at bay, as our guys were still hungry for goals. We stuck to our game and kept the ball moving, props to Panthers defenders as they worked very hard to stay with the constant fresh legs on the field for us.

The game would end 2-0, and we were thrilled to have beaten a team of this quality. In the end our endurance played a big roll, but that is not to take away from our nice passing and ball movement. The Panthers were a great group to play against, and other than a little bit of banter along with the occasional shirt tug, the game was clean. We head into our last game of the season with confidence, knowing that this might not be the last time we see Panthers.

Best of luck to Panthers, we take on Gunners Sunday at WSSC.


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Re: Willies 2 Panthers 0 *shocktheworld*

Post  clarkie6 on Mon Jul 18, 2016 10:11 pm

you guys played well and deserved the win, we were definitely struggling down the stretch. I'd call the second goal a well placed cross, and the first goal definitely a penalty. Not overly threatening on goal but a trip in the box none the less.
First half was a great game both ways, be interesting to see the outcome if we score on the 1 on 1 that your keeper stopped. Good luck in playoffs!


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