Revolution 2 - Dutch 4

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Revolution 2 - Dutch 4

Post  ajbalsd on Tue Jul 19, 2016 9:02 am

It was a pretty windy day, but still plenty warm. It was tough to get control out there though, as mother nature never gave up. The wind seemed to get stronger as the day went on. There was no arguing though, as everyone had to deal with the conditions. There were only a few whistles blown, but those were for minor infractions. We dug a very deep hole early, but it started to fill in nicely as the day went along. Most of the fans arrived late, but they brought their own coolers and umbrellas for the shade. I think some of them even had a meal while out there. Most of them had their shirts off, which seemed odd for the occasion.......

Oh, sorry about that. I got a little confused with the game and the beach. No worries boys. We will finish up our season strong this Sunday against players half our age. That should make us all feel better about ourselves. Hey, at least we will be eligible for the playoffs next year.....

Good luck to the Dutch in the playoffs!

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