FC Quake 0:5 Beast City SC

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FC Quake 0:5 Beast City SC

Post  aeaton on Mon Jul 25, 2016 12:18 pm

We agreed to change the match time to 7:30 under the lights at Sweet Home High's new turf pitch. I want to start out by saying this is hands down the best turf I have ever seen/played on. Felt like grass, played like grass and surprisingly no awful turf burn (I slid a lot on that too)!! Great move on Beast City's part really enjoyed playing on the that turf, really nice lighting system as well.

Coming in we knew we had to draw or win to secure second that was all that was needed for us, and we knew Beast needed a win or draw or loss no worse that 2 or 3 goals to stay in the top 6. The biggest factor of the night was not having 4 of our defenders as they all went to Vegas for Sean's bachelor party. We came out good in the first 10 minutes we missed to glorious chances that should have found the back of the net unfortunately this is how the night would go. Beast are fast, really fast and skilled up top. They hung high waiting for their chances and never looked back. Their first goal was off a free kick, once it was taken I lost sight of the ball in the air from the sun blinding me (I wore a hat for the first and no help) so I played bodies, made the save gave up a big rebound bang 1:0 Beast. They quickly came back down on a breakaway, I misplayed the ball and just like that its 2:0 Beast. We fell apart right there we had no control, nothing was happening for us. We switched our strategy a little but it was to late as #9 Keem danced all alone into the box and slotted it side netting and just like that its 3:0 Beast heading to the break. We moved the ball well a few times but for the most part we didn't seem like we wanted to be in this one.

Second half started and it was much more back and fourth but we could not catch a break Beast would score yet again, I made the initial save 1v1 kicked it out unfortunately went right to 55 who has a hell of a shot (First half laserd one off the bar/upright from maybe 25 out) buried it side netting 4:0 Beast. In the dying moments of the match the ref awarded a penalty, which maybe I'm biased but I didn't think their should have been a call. Both players were tugging and pulling in the box both went down and our guy headed to the bench with an injury (should be okay). I guessed correctly made the save but the force and spin of the ball once it hit the ground spun into the net, I wish I had that back. 5:0 Beast and that would conclude the match. Unfortunate end to a great run this year.

Great group of guys on that side of the ball we had fun they had fun and secured a play spot which I was personally glad to see for them. Matt is a great dude had a few conversations with him in the weeks and yesterday leading up to the match. Beast have a solid squad over there, very talented wish we had our defense their yesterday not implying we would have won or anything but it would have been a much closer scoreline IMO. Good luck to Beast as they meet SPAL next week should be a great match between them. We will see RVS next week expecting a dog fight this coming week. Good luck to all the clubs in the Playoffs this year from D3 to Premier. Shoutout to Blizzard for their playoff run with FCA and looks like Cheektowaga has joined their party, just don't let Cullen bring the dogs he has puked more times on the pitch than he has scored in his career even from youth days, BK dogs = no good.


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