Playoff Predictions - 1st Division

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Playoff Predictions - 1st Division

Post  Raider9726 on Thu Jul 28, 2016 9:03 am

Ah good old first division.  Where the birth of Queenston Parliament took place.  Where we saw one of the most talented divisions ever in 2012, and now here in 2016, probably the best one since, at least when I'm referring to spots 1-10 on the final table + Depew Village.  Yeah I said it!  Depew Village, if they had like 14-15 guys every game, probably could be a bit higher on the table.  On to the predictions:

1st Division

#6 RVS United (7-4-0) at #3 FC Quake (7-2-2)
Pre-season Predictions: RVS to finish 7th, Quake to finish 9th

Close enough I guess with the RVS call, way off with Quake.  I'm sorry about that Quake.  I stood my ground, figured they'd be getting slightly in over their heads, but they repeatedly made me look stupid as the year progressed.  One would have to think the chemistry and make up of that team is headed continuously in the right direction, as they're starting to prove they can win on many levels and in many different ways.  The top half of this division I think is collectively better than the bottom 4 or 5 teams one division up, so they're closer to the top of the overall BDSL table than some may think.  Anyway, despite all this, I don't think they're getting out of this round of the 1st division playoff.  Realllllly interesting matchup here against RVS.  That loss Quake took to Beast under the lights I think did more damage than initially met the eye; of course not having a bye is the obvious hurdle not cleared, but now they play a team who's been in every game this season minus the game they played....Quake.  But, that one saw RVS bring 11-12 guys at max, so I think Quake caught them on a good day.  RVS is also a home turf team, so hitting the road to play on turf shouldn't be much of a change to what they're used to seeing all season.  Haines has played well as both a finisher and helper this season, and they're getting a lot of late production out of Jake Latello.  On the other side, getting balls past Eaton is always a challenge, but if Quake's defense is still dragging after a week in Vegas, two weeks off from playing soccer and basically a month off from playing competitive soccer (sorry Alden & Nickel City), they might get punished early before waking up in the second half.

Prediction: RVS United 2, FC Quake 1

#5 SPAL Buffalo FC (6-2-3) at #4 Beast City SC (7-3-1)
Pre-Season Predictions: SPAL to finish 6th, Beast to finish 2nd

Another interesting wildcard match-up here.  First, my prediction is assuming the young guns from Beast are present.  It's playoffs after all, so I'd hope they show up.  I feel for SPAL a bit; they had the hardest schedule in this division and it's not up for debate (they didn't face either relegated side, there, debate squashed) and one of their two losses came from Hamburg actually.  This means they've been pretty darn good against playoff competition in their own division, but even with a 6-2-3 record, it's not good enough for a bye nor is it good enough for a home game, and even they did find themselves in a tie for points in the table, they'd probably lose that too since all other teams had an artificial goal differential increase of somewhere around 6.5.  And here I am saying they won't win this game.  I just get that feeling that Noah Keem and Aidan Callahan and Bryan Daigler will be too much to handle for 90 minutes.  What worries me about SPAL is their propensity to draw a lot of cards (Rider/Barrett) from significant players, and I also worry about the frustration level that Fresnel or Yapa could reach if balls aren't serviced at their liking up top.  We'll have a grinder here:

Prediction: Beast City SC 1, SPAL Buffalo FC 0


#6 RVS United at #1 Panthers (10-1-0)
Pre-season Prediction for Panthers: 3rd

Their first meeting was surprisingly close, but let's also not forget that Panthers had already clinched a playoff spot after 8 weeks of play.  RVS is a solid team but assuming Schulz, Howlett, Cardillo, Karanas, Tredo and the Lee-Yaw's are there, I don't think things will be that easy on the Legends Varsity Soccer.  RVS' defense is out to lunch and this one gets out of hand beginning about one-third of the way in.  Panthers coast 5-1.

#4 Beast City SC at #2 Williamsville Willies (7-2-2)
Pre-season Prediction for Williamsville: 4th

I like to think of the psychology aspects of games when I pick teams or how things will fare when specific teams meet up, and I can't help but wonder if the Willies get even more amped up for a game where they get to play against a HS rival in Keem.  I can totally see a guy like Ian Harris (by the way, I don't know him at all) being like, "Oh, Keem has 15 or so goals this year?  Cool.  He won't be adding to that total on Sunday" and then going out and playing inspired defense.  But really I think what gives Willies the edge, for me, is that they're really well rounded.  They're pretty much solid anywhere on the pitch.  Remember, this group took Yemen Elite to PK's in Cup play.  Between Librock, Bellinger, Andraud, Jackson, Bachwitz, Perna, etc., this team will find a way to figure out Sammy Rodriguez and secure a spot in the Championship division next year.  I've got Willies 1-0 in regulation.


#2 Williamsville Willies at #1 Panthers

Here's how this one is going to go: Panthers will arrive with no more than 14 players, and will appear disinterested out the gate.  Willies will score in the 9th minute and get pumped up having a lead.  Panthers will suddenly get angry that this took place and immediately switch over to "We care about winning this trophy now" mode.  Panthers will be rewarded with an equalizer before halftime after they have Willies on their toes for most of the first half.  Things will even out in the second half and we'll see both sides take turns just missing a chance at taking the lead.  Panthers will then tire, and some hero will step up for the Willies (someone who you'd least expect, but is otherwise talented anyway) toe poke a ball into the net after a feed from Andraud and the Willies will explode in jubilation again, only this time, Panthers will not find an equalizer.  2-1 Williamsville Willies in a thriller final that'll give a scare to the Championship division onlookers who are about ready to warm up for their final immediately following.

Predicted champion: Williamsville Willies

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Re: Playoff Predictions - 1st Division

Post  spfallon9432 on Fri Jul 29, 2016 10:29 pm

Appreciate the acknowledgement on our regular season finish, even more so appreciate another year and another predicted playoff failure for FC Quake. Despite what happened to my boys last Sunday with our entire defense blacked out in Vegas our confidence is sky high and we look forward to once again truly earning our way up another division. As always appreciate the good reads and conversation points. 6pm Sunday needs to be here ASAP!


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Re: Playoff Predictions - 1st Division

Post  mj1350 on Tue Aug 02, 2016 3:18 pm

spfallon9432 wrote:truly earning our way up another division.

Funny Joke


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Re: Playoff Predictions - 1st Division

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