Crimson Fire 2 - West Side 1 OT

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Crimson Fire 2 - West Side 1 OT Empty Crimson Fire 2 - West Side 1 OT

Post  MitchAC on Mon Aug 01, 2016 11:32 am

Beautiful night on the Island last night that saw Crimson with 14 and Westside with about 18. Really great game by both squads as each had their own spout of possession and chances. Westside didn't really use their whole bench, rather only subbing once in a while and only using 2-3 of their subs. They were missing Knapp and we were missing Jamie Asbach among a few other guys.

1st Half
Not really much to mention in the first half, or even in the second half. Only thing of real note was when our keeper, Guarino, caught/bobbled a ball causing it to go off the inside of the post and hit him in the nose. Ref stopped the game and gave us all a water break so he could stop the bleeding. Guarino champed it out and played the rest of regulation with gauze stuck in his nose. Props to WestSide, a lot of teams would complain that we had to replace him. Also thanks to WestSide for having a med kit. They had no problem waiting. All of our chances lacked that last pass to spring Cunningham or Tarbell in on net. We had a chance at a 2-1 that a defender recognized and committed a foul taking a smart YC.

2nd Half
More of the same back and forth between the teams. I'm doing a terrible job but the game was actually pretty exciting. Both teams continued to see chances go their way and a lot of possession. Game was probably 50/50. Their CB had a beautiful slide preventing Joe Stogner from shooting within 12 yards. Regulation would end 0-0.

1st OT
Around 5 mins into the first half Stogner gathered the ball in half and put the ball up to Dylan Cunningham who popped the ball over the defense for Tarbell to run onto. Tarbell beat the goalie and put us up 1-0. Whole team erupted, the whole team had a ton more energy, even the refs were surprised about the rebound.

2nd OT
We decided to play kickball and try to counter/ survive the last 15 mins or so. WestSide had a ton of possession. Cunningham got played the ball near half and saw Nate Mackowski streaking up the left side. He sent a beautiful through ball which Nate beat the defender to, ran around the defender and toe poked it towards the net while being brought down by the defender from behind in the box. Cunningham followed the play and watched to see if the ball was going in by itself. When a defender got close he put it away. 2-0. Ref confirmed it would have been a PK if we didn't score, which was nice to hear. We moved into an even further defensive position and allowed the WestSide attack to come full force while we cleared everything. 4 mins left WestSide would get their first off a nice save by Guarino, a few of us didn't follow our men which allowed the rebound to pop out to a guy who centered the ball for a tap in.

Game would end 2-1. WestSide as a whole is a super friendly team. Haven't had that much fun playing in a while. Even the refs enjoyed the game and commended both squads on making their job easier. Next up Rampart on a very tiny field.


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Crimson Fire 2 - West Side 1 OT Empty Re: Crimson Fire 2 - West Side 1 OT

Post  ajbalsd on Mon Aug 01, 2016 1:47 pm

Way to make Division 3 proud! Keep it going this week!

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