Marksmen 0-0 Bosnia (2-3 pen.)

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Marksmen 0-0 Bosnia (2-3 pen.)

Post  BHastings on Sun Aug 07, 2016 11:03 pm

Beautiful day for some soccer in Youngstown. Marksmen showed up with 18, Bosnians showed with 14-15 along with half of Sarajevo in attendance as spectators. Pitch looked decent considering the drought we've been in.

Game kicks off after a tiny delay (one AR thought we were playing at Vets in GI... classic mix up). First 10 minutes marksmen really bossed possession and were controlling majority of the play. Not much very notable here, one player got a yellow for running the marksmen keeper after a clearance which honestly seemed a bit harsh. Later in the first half another bosnian was carded for a flying knee/leg to our midfielder.

The first half and majority of the second half can be described basically with marksmen handling most of possession but not getting any clear cut opportunities at net. 0-0 at the break with marksmen feeling good.

Second half was most of the same really, Bosnian attacks were mostly long balls played over the defense but our offside trap worked very well, and if not I was able to get to most of the balls played through. NOW we get to about the 80 something minute. After a flick on over a defender, Andy Wright was through on goal in the 18 with a defender on his back and an onrushing keeper. Keeper comes out and levels Andy while Andy and the defender both go up to try and nod the ball (My perspective for this is 100 yards away so it isn't perfect). The defender ended up getting the last touch of the ball (?), andy was laid out, and the center ref points to the spot. Relief and jubilation for the Marksmen.... hold on... the AR is on the field... and she called it off. Huh? Corner kick for Marksmen. I have never really seen an AR call off a penalty called by the center ref (I have seen this in numerous occasions with roles reversed). I was only a ref for a year so they must know something I don't. Marksmen really feel hard done by, but the center ref said our bench didn't complain loudly? Which they were but so it goes. More half opportunities for both teams as we head to extra time.

Nothing really happened in extra time, we were pushing ahead looking for a goal knowing the penalties are just a coin flip. Nothing doing. On to penalties.

Sidebar: As a goalkeeper, I LOVE penalties. Must be because I love the psychological aspect of it (or because Netter trained me when I was younger and Netter is weird). Went 2/2 this season in BDSL for penalties and was pretty proud of that, one of them being against Bosnia in May. Felt pretty confident going into the shootout but the looming doubt of a loss was definitely there.

We win the toss, I choose for us to shoot second (another strange thing I always want for penalties). By the way this is from the perspective of a goalkeeeper so when I say right or left, it is backward from shooters perspective. Picture stage right/stage left.

Bosnia: score, guessed correctly to the right but had good height as well so nothing doing.
Marksmen: saved by keeper

Bosnia: missed over the net
Marksmen: saved again by keeper

Bosnia: score, guessed wrong way
Marksmen: score, Dragone

Bosnia: saved, dead center and low
Marksmen: scored, Hastings (haven't learned if I should speak in 3rd person or not on these recaps... another thing to work on in the offseason)

Bosnia: score, left/center just under the crossbar
Marksmen: saved AGAIN

Game, set, match. The team that controlled most of the match doesn't win.
Our first season was pretty good but we definitely hoped for promotion. Already talks of acquiring some higher league talent for next season so hopefully we can still end up in league 2 next season? Only time will tell. Feel bad for my team as their goalkeeper/manager was a rookie at all this and could've done things differently throughout the season. Not only that but I am fortunate enough to play more ball at school this fall which can quell the dissatisfaction a bit, while this sour ending of a season will stick with many for a while.

Best of luck to Bosnia and thanks to all of D3 for a great season.


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