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Devils 0 Dutch 1

Post  cdubbz731 on Mon Aug 08, 2016 7:05 am

Great day for some soccer out at Walden Pond. Dutch had about 15-16 guys show and Devils around the same. We showed up and the field was lined perfectly.... for FOOTBALL. the soccer lines faded and were barely visible. I'm surprised we were allowed to play.

1st Half.
Devils decided to changed up formation a little today and it seemed to work. Dutch had possession of the ball mainly but our defense played very well today shutting down any chances coming their way. Devils had a nice opportunity about 15 mins in flick on to a streaking Shawn Powers who miss hit a flick over keepers head. Not too much action besides that on either end. I honestly am blanking out if any decent chances Dutch had on Richie W. I know that a lot of their shots did go high/wide/blocked. We took a big blow as our center back may have re-injured or sprained his ACL(had surgery not too long ago) so devils go down to 3 healthy subs 2 injured subs.

Half time.
more of the same as the first half. Devils didn't test Dutch goalie much as he played very well on any opportunities we had. Things did start to heat up around the 70th minutes. Dan Istas had a very good opportunity with keeper out of position and didn't get enough heat on the ball and keeper was able to come out and save it . He made some great saves today. He came out and made a great sliding 50/50 ball on Shawn Powers who was in on net alone after a bad pass back to the keeper. Shawn collided with the keeper and fell weird on his left forearm. (Radial head fracture, may need a cast) So we lose arguable best center middy in D3.
Dutch got a red card from the bench, forget his number. typical two players battling hard for the ball all day and chirping one another. Dutch player called for a sub and words were exchanged. I didn't even see this happen but next thing I know Dutch player was shown a red. I asked what had happened and supposedly for language towards the official. "eff'n D bag" correct me if I'm wrong but I think he was saying it towards our player, not the ref. I always figured if your team gets a red, you play down, but since he had JUST subbed off, Dutch still was able to play with 11.
80th minute, Dutch were able to counter I believe on a giveaway, saved the ball from going over the endline... crossed to the 6 where Devils GK Richie came out to punch the ball and Dutch player was able to get a head on it. 1-0 Dutch. Devils tried to tie it up late with 10 guys in the box on a corner. Dutch was able to clear the ball, beat our last defender and had about 60 yards of no one and their fwd passed the ball to an offisdes player. I was far from the half line but due to the football lines and poorly painted soccer lines, he was offsides according to the AR. could have been 2-0 end of game easily as no1 was going to catch their fwd. Ensuing free kick. Devils win header at the 18, Ryan A. left foot shot going in, hits own player and deflects wide for a goal kick.
End of game.

Best of Luck to Dutch next week as I'm pulling for them vs Bosnia. It was a great game from both teams. Devils were happy with the season as a whole, we played on borrowed time today (thanks Lasalle) As much as we would have liked to play next week, we will stay in D3 at our old age and continue to request Med Kits, gameballs and drink beers and have some laughs the entire season. its all in good fun. signing off for the season for real this time. Cheers BDSL.


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