Crimson 1 - Rampart 1 (5-3 PK) (BS RC)

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Crimson 1 - Rampart 1 (5-3 PK) (BS RC)

Post  MitchAC on Mon Aug 08, 2016 9:58 am

GI Derby Part II. We showed up with 16 and Rampart had about 14. Actually had more subs than the other team, crazy. Same small field we played on and knew how Rampart would use it so were hoping a better outcome than three weeks ago.

First Half
Eerily similar to the first game. Rampart controlled the tempo and had the majority of chances. One of which where Dylan Guarino blocked the shot and the ball landed right in front of a Rampart Striker, I managed to do just enough to knock the ball away from him before he could tap it in. Their second chance saw a Rampart forward at the top of the box, semi-wide open, taking aim to shoot. Desperation move, sliding in front of the ball to block a shot. Finally towards the end of the 1st half we made some adjustments moving to a 4-4-2 where Jamie, Dan and Cunningham could all be on the field together and moved the ball pretty well. Their CB (Holler) was everywhere but we felt better about our chances. 0-0

Second Half
Sticking with the 4-4-2 we finally seemed to control the ball and have some better chances. Rampart now was pretty much sticking to the counter and the team felt good. It was great to have August back who was burning kids up the sidelines. Tarbell was distributing the ball better than ever. Even after all of that Rampart would get on the board first. A nice through ball to a forward sent him in on net. The only problem was that he brought the ball down with a hand. He put it in the side netting and laughed about it on the way back to his half. 1-0 Rampart. With about 7 mins left we sacrificed a defender for another attacker. Corben sent the ball up to Jamie on the wing. Jamie flicked it over to Dan. The defender got a piece of it but it deflected into Dan's path anyways. The keeper came out, Dan dribbled calmly around him and tied the game. 1-1.

Extra Time
Tarbell and a defender were fighting for a ball and the ref called a PK for us. Very weak call, should have probably gone the other way. Cunningham steps up and hits crossbar. August runs in and brings it down with his chest (probably should have just headed it in) and is cleated during the ensuing madness. Heart-breaker. Matt Pohezel even had a chance later of putting the game away. On the other end Nate Holler had a beautiful header that was just pushed away by Guarino.

PKs - We won the coin flip and decided to shoot first

Crimson - Scores (Jamie Asbach)
Rampart - Scores

Crimson - Scores (Dan Tarbell)
Rampart - Scores

Crimson - Scores (Jake Gleave)
Rampart - Saved...Given a second shot and made it. Ensuing stuff gets our keeper a Red Card. I'll explain below.

Crimson - Scores (Nate Mackowski)
Rampart - Saved by Nate Mackowski

Crimson - GWG by Mark Passintino calmly burying it after Guarino couldn't take a shot.

During the PKs the CR told Guarino that he could take one step off the line as long as he kept one foot on the line. The AR right after told Guarino not to move. Guarino ends up listening to the CR (I thought he should, he is the head ref...) and after each kick the AR yells at Guarino. When Guarino tells the AR that the CR told him to do this the AR said he didn't care. Guarino makes the save on the third shooter and we all are going nuts. The CR who was on the line was telling our shooter to come up and the AR steps in the way saying he moved to early. Both refs are on the line watching him. How does that happen? We have a video showing Guarino not moving until you can hear the ball being kicked. YC for moving. Guy steps back up and scores this time and Guarino punts the ball out, aggressively but towards where our team was standing. The CR claims he punted it at him. How is that possible when he is on the goal line and the ball go towards half field? RC. Unacceptable refing in the playoffs. Now we may be without our keeper for the championship. Hopefully the RC committee will view the video and overturn the double yellow. Probably didn't help that the ref was carpooling with Rampart players. Nice picture of that.

All in all Rampart was a quality squad and should be the first ones promoted if there is a whole. Great group of guys even if we were bantering back and forth. D1 here we come!


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