Heart, Hustle Help Crown Clarence Champion; Coyotes' Clown Car Carry Cup Crosstown!

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Heart, Hustle Help Crown Clarence Champion; Coyotes' Clown Car Carry Cup Crosstown!  Empty Heart, Hustle Help Crown Clarence Champion; Coyotes' Clown Car Carry Cup Crosstown!

Post  david martinez on Sun Aug 14, 2016 10:03 am

Jose and AC came on mid-season and showed up every game thereafter; AZ, Dre, Kenny, and Jordan were brought on pre-season and have shown grit, skill, and commitment surpassed by none;  Brody, Tone C, and Sprrrreggguer have joined in over the past few years and have added beastliness, toughness, and svelteness (respectively); Matt S. returned from a short sabbatical and brings it every match; Tyler came on some years back and leaves it all on the field every game; Derek became a full-timer this year and is an absolute monster; Kowi - who has been a Yote since day one - has been injured since week 3 (when he was playing as strong as ever), but still shows up every game to help manage the players and the cooler; Kevin has been injured all year, but has shown up to nearly every game (whilst not oversees) and was as much a part of our run as anyone; Schroentrain and Gary joined in 2011 and 2012 (respectively) and those two play in zones - two of our MVPs on and off the field;  Jimmy help found this team back in '07, and still shows up to almost every game; then (along with Kowi and Kevin) our core group of Coyotes who tasted Tehel Cup Glory back in 2010: JJ, Chris, myself, LP1, Incho, and Sief -- all clap it up for our teammates as they come out for a rest, stay positive and upbeat, lead eachother, and listen to advice and constructive criticism.  

The Clarence Coyotes are the true definition of what it means to be a team.

Chris, LP, and I mentioned to each other early this season, that this year's squad is special.  We were right.

Thursday night, under the lights, we Coyotes came to play.  I don't think I have ever seen Gary play so well.  He may've lost the ball once all game.  His control and decision-making  were dominant.  He was rewarded early, when he received a ball (can't remember where from), and proceeded to muscle off one dude, meg a second, beat a third, then calmly pass the ball into the right side of the net.  

1-0 near the end of the first half.

Our backline and LP - as they were all season - played possessed.  AC does this little jump/chest thing that was effective a few times.  Schroentrain's first touch and train-time run from the back forward are vicious.  Chris Cournan is a specimen and Dr. C, Kenny, and AZ bring it.

JJ is our workhorse - nearly flawless and deceptively strong.  Our wings and forwards hustled to every ball.  Brody worked his tail off towards the end of the game on the left side, muscled his way to the six-yard box, and neatly laid it back to a well-positioned Tyler Hamil who struck it off the goalies paw and in!!

2-0 good guys - 5 minutes left.

Ashley was the referee.  A good ref and very likeable, but her PKs against average (against us) is 1.25/game (five PKs VS Coyotes in 4 games).  Staying true to form, a PK was called against us when our opponent when down in the box with 3 minutes left.  They scored.

2-1 - 2:47 left.

On the ensuing kickoff, Gary laid it back to AC and said, "get it forward!"  AC did just that and launched it forward (from 67 yards back)  Good thing for us, the keeper misjudged the ball, jumped for it off the bounce, got a piece, and watched it trickle in behind him.  Before the game, AC and I joked that he would try to pull a Lloyd from way back - he did.

3-1 Final.

We jubilantly drank cheap champagne and beer out of the cup on the field.

We met up in North Buffalo to celebrate after.  Traveled from Del-Denby's to Gecko's on foot, then crosstown to Encore and 67 West (is that the name) via Coyote ClownCar.  Gary did the Crip Walk at Encore.

2016 Tehel Cup Champions Clarence Coyotes.

A very proud and special year for we Coyotes.

(PS - I did some research - if we win the 2017 Flicker Werner Cup (if that's what it is called), we may earn a spot in the 2018 Lamar Hunt Open Cup, which, in later rounds, has many of the MLS teams. So, if all goes well, I may have to change my response when my son asks me (again) if I can still play professionally/against Bradley, and I say I am over the hill.  You never know.)

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