2017 Wood Cup Breakdown

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2017 Wood Cup Breakdown

Post  Michael Schieber on Tue Apr 11, 2017 10:40 am

† ††2017 Wood Cup Breakdown
Welcome all to my first 2017 prediction column. For those of you new to these, Iíll be a attempting to use my league knowledge, team sources and general expertise to predict how this yearís Wood Cup will play out. †Maybe itís not the best idea for the league president to makes jokes about teams and that but got to give the people what they want. Hopefully everyone knows itís all in good fun. Lets divide and conquer the four Wood cup sections and see who I think will be crowned champion.

Domestic Beer Region

Teams: West United (O-35), Cheektowaga (D2), Depew Village (D2) Moby Ducks FC (D3) Great White Buffalo (D3) North Buffalo FC (D3) Celtic Brigade (D2) Aurora Arsenal II (D3)
Named this because: Sort of a bland looking group to me. I mean someone will get the job done but Iím not really enjoying myself here. This is a means to end. If thatís all you got Iíll take it, I guess.
Region Strength: 4th (last)
Best Possible Match Up: With so few here really moving the meter, Iím opting for one that is a classic township battle on paper. Depew Village meeting Cheektowaga would be a fun contest between 2 experienced BDSL sides.
Final 4 Dark Horse: I think Celtic Brigade will be the youngest of all the BDSL teams in the Celtic Family. Would be impressive if they could pull off something like making the final 4 of the Wood Cup in their first year. Or could it be surprise entrant West United from the O-35 crowd that shows the Sunday league they have much still left in the tank.
Favorite: I suppose its Depew Village? I mean they are the only team with a winning BDSL record all time. But they are coming off a relegated 1-9-1 season.
Fun Fact: Moby Ducks FC is the worst name in BDSL history.
Region Winner: Iím going with a consistently improving but relatively quiet side in Aurora Arsenal II. Basically, ďWhat do you have? Ok uhhh I guess Iíll just take a Blue.Ē

Craft Brew Region

Teams: Kingsmen SC (D2), Dutch FC (D2), Celtic Classic (D3), Big Green (D3), FC Aftershock (D3) Los Chupacabras (D2), West Seneca Strikers (D2), Erie County FC (D3)
Named this because: Good selection and options. Various tastes can inspire a few different regional winners. Overall a very good group. Getting your moneyís worth.
Region Strength: 2nd
Best Possible Match Up: Fighting the urge to pick FC Aftershock v Dutch FC for the fans, Iím going with Dutch and new side Los Chupacabras. I think both sides will do well in D2 this year.
Final 4 Dark Horse: How about upstarts Erie County FC whose odd twitter antics have relied up some teams. If their game on the field can back up the talking then seeing them go deep would be entertaining at the very least.
Favorite: With all the D2 sides being new to the league and no big D3 team lurking Dutch FC led by Kevin Au & co. is the odds on favorite, probably for the entire tournament.
Fun Fact: Ignoring Celtic Classic player experience the average BDSL seasons played per team here is 1.6. Also it features not one but two recently restarted teams in Dutch FC and West Seneca Strikers.
Region Winner: When you look at a big craft beer board and everything sounds pretty good you typically take one based on the type of beer you like right? This is why despite some other intriguing picks, Iím sticking with a trusted winner in the dark chocolate stout that is Dutch FC.

Hard Liquor Region

Teams: Meerkats FC (D2), Stone Jug (D3), Youngstown Marksmen (D2), Blizzard FC (D2), Tesla (D3), Honey Badgers (D2), Queen City Pride (D2), WNY United Reds (D2), Devils (D3)
Named this because: For most of us once we start down this path things get a bit hazy. Sometimes itís a great choice and you have the night of your life. Other times you wake up face first in your own piss and vomit (Iím guessing of course) its pick your poison with this group cause they are all dangerous.
Region Strength: 1st (hardest)
Best Possible Match Up: Too many to choose from honestly. Youngstown v Blizzard, WNY v Honey Badgers, Stone Jug v Youngstown, Devils v Meerkats. Lots of good good choices.
Final 4 Dark Horse: Queen City Pride is my pick as not too much is known about this team right now. Keeping their cards close to their chest good be a good thing this year with this many new teams. After saying this they are assured to lost the play in game to Honey Badgers. Sorry City.
Favorite: Extremely debatable here, but Iíll say Meerkats FC. I just hope after three or four more Iíll feel the same way.
Fun Fact: This region features two defection teams if you will, with Honey Badgers off WNY United Reds and Youngstown Marksmen leaving Stone Jug. Both could play each other in Round 2 win opening wins.
Region Winner: Blizzard FC is my choice in this tightly contested region. I could be sold on 4 teams here but I have to go with one side so Blizzard it is. †This reminds me of every time Iím deciding on going home or ordering a round of Rumplemintze to keep the night going. Iím not sold on either choice and all have their pros and cons

Cocktail Region

Teams: Ukraine (D2), FK Bosna (D2), Rust Belt United (D3), Great Lakes FC (D3),† Delco Academy (D2), Revolution SC (D3), FC Yemen II (D2), Celtic 1888 (D2)
Named this because: Two fold. First the list of ingredient/teams here is intriguing. Mix a Ukraine and FK Bosna? Great! Delco And Celtic 1888 with maybe a hint of FC Yemen II? Why not! But also these tend to depend a lot on who is making these drinks/games. So hit and miss here. Am I getting the poorly attended 1888 side or a full strength team? These things matter in Cup games and there is now way to tell with certainty that youíre getting that with almost any of these clubs. †Same as a cocktail.
Region Strength: 3rd
Best Possible Match Up: The ooohhh and ahhhs of the draw crowd at the last meeting when FKB and Ukraine lined up was great but Iím thinking that FKB v FC Yemen II is an even better final 4 game lurking.
Final 4 Dark Horse: Celtic 1888 was really bad last year but I heard lots of reports of them improving this year. I have my doubts but weíll see. Revolution SC is also a good pick if they have solved their scoring woes from last season.
Favorite: If Delco had stolen Steele, then this would be different but I think FC Yemen II is the favorite. †They are an experienced side that I bet considered playing in Tehel Cup too.
Fun Fact: This region features both of the teams that were relegated out of D2 last year but were lucky enough to stay in it. It also obviously has the largest foreign-based teams out of any other region. Lastly both Revolution SC and Great Lakes FC are rebrands of longtime BDSL clubs CS Italia and Haz Benz.
Region Winner: Bar Keep Iíll take FC Yemen II to keep their tempers in check and survive a tricky group where if your not careful you could fall to one of these more experienced D3 teams. Like a Stormy Sails from Lackawannaís very own Winfieldís Pub (great place), FC Yemen II is the best bang for my buck.

Final Four:
Dutch FC over Aurora Arsenal II
Blizzard FC over FC Yemen II

Dutch FC over Blizzard FC

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