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Tehel Cup Champion Clarence Coyotes Travel, Take Toolbox, Takeout Hammers ! Empty Tehel Cup Champion Clarence Coyotes Travel, Take Toolbox, Takeout Hammers !

Post  david martinez on Mon Apr 24, 2017 10:42 am

The GPS ping listed the rental car spot as "3700 Genesee Street."  Siri took most of us down near transit, with an eventual U-turn at the intersection of the gentleman's club, and eventually into the perpetual loop at the airport... Berardi ended up at one of the long term parking lots (and told the SaySays to meet him there).  My GPS somehow took me to 562 Genesee (Dnipro)... It was a fiasco.  Anyway, we all, finally, made it to the car rental spot (why not just say "the enterprise next to the bowling alley?? everyone knows where that is!!"), albeit a bit later than our designated 1030AM meet up time...

We were all amped up!  Before I could even start trying to dominate the conversation as an attempt to cover up my insecurities, DMaier was like, "Dude, your billboard looks sweet!"  I was (proudly) like, "Oh, you saw that? - Did you see it lit up at night??"  He was like, "I was lit, but it was during the day!"  Touche.  The billboard is in front of our shoppe - VANIA & DAVID , 1007 Elmwood Avenue, (across the street from JP Bullfeathers).

President Scheiber was there making sure that we didn't try anything fishy with the league's bribe money (like use some of the booty to fly in star middy Gary "jetsetter" Boughton on an upgraded first class United direct flight from Alleghany to Reagan on Sunday morning)...  

And we were off.  Making history/being guinea pigs as the first BDSL squad to travel out-of-state to represent!

The 12 person vans were very nice.  I got shotgun in the newer, team Sief highrise.  Calarco, who was over my left shoulder, stood up (straight) most of the way.

I was told (via text message from the other van (older, lowrise, team Kowi vehicle)) that Ben Tsujimoto had designated me team manager in a buffalo news article.  I started squirming in my seat trying to figure out lineups (especially hard with the FIFA rules in place for the Regional/National Tourneys).  I decided, "F##$ it, I'll just start 9 of our best field players, plus me, for the photo..."  The ride was relatively uneventful, aside from a few (very detailed) stories from AC which we can, unfortunately, never unhear - as well as a few unnecessary moons from team Kowi shotgunner Incho, which we can, very unfortunately, never unsee.

We arrived in Fairfax, VA!  The rooms were nice, but I was noticeably upset that the heated indoor/outdoor pool was "closed for renovations - storm damage." [Close the overhead windows during the storm, folks!!] I never got to use my goggles.  As the newly appointed team manager, it was my responsibility to prevent everyone (except Kowi) from post dinner clubbing/blacking out.  We avoided shots after the Sports bar/restaurant, and just walked back to the hotel.  We all ended up polishing off the kegger in room 513.  I will forever be traumatized by that number.  Everything started off normal, but, soon enough, the conversation went south around 1 AM... I was the first to leave.  I watched a bit of Natgeo's Drugs Inc. and then went to sleep.

I watched the ladies pour "eggs" out of a bag at the breakfast buffet.  I had waffles.  

As I waddled back to the room to rest for a bit before the big game, I noticed, out of my periphery, some movement just outside, past the heated indoor/outdoor pool's broken windows....wtf...is that?...wtf....it is - holy s#$%! Kenny and Berardi were out there jogging, f#$@in bouncing around like jackrabbits!  We just ate for goodness sake!  I could barely move. I knew we were gonna be fine come kickoff!!

We got to the field like an hour and a half before the game - which was awesome, because we got a chance to avoid warming up and just sit and watch the U12 girls match that ended 10 minutes before our game was scheduled to start...Both teams we very good technically, but Sief gave the edge to the white team...

We warmed up a bit behind the goal.

We were ready to play.  This would be the first time that a BDSL team traveled out of state to face a representative from another league in Regional competition.  I told the team just prior to kickoff "let's represent WNY, the BDSL, and Clarence Coyotes - Let's make history!"

The weather was perfect - 60 and partly cloudy.  I took 4 advils (via JJ) to attempt to cover up a lower body injury.  LP1, our 9 best field players, and I, were the starters.  We took the photo, then kickoff.

I thought we were a bit better than them as we got into the game a bit.  We controlled a bit more of the game and had them on their heels during most of the first 25 minutes or so.  We had one very good chance early on (maybe 10 or 15 minutes in).  Speedy Dre, upset that we didn't hit the clubs the night before, took out his frustration by speeding up the right side, and sniping a tough angled shot past the goalie, but, unfortunately off the post!  Berardi cleaned up the rebound and place it neatly past a couple defenders (sadly, one lucky defender was there, and cleared it off the line just prior to a goal).

0-0 half.

We were comfortable and loose during halftime.  

Throughout the entire game, our entire team was very solid.  LP1 saved everything he faced.  Most notably, challenging one of their guys, sliding, knees out, and snuffing out the chance.  Our backline, playing together for the first time, was stalwart!  AC and Schroentrain were beasts.  Kenny was a specimen.  One of our two guest players - Prince Saysay - reigned supreme back there as well!  At one point he went in to a 50/50 like a Sierra Leone Lion!  One Honduran dude from the other team came out on the wrong side of that clash.  The challenge was clean. No call.  But the other dude had to be helped off the field (he came back on 5 minutes later.  Limping.)  Our midfielders were dominant - controlling the middle (Berardi, JJ, and Gary) most of the time, and spreading out nicely with speed and tenacity (Maier and Dre).  We stretched out nicely as well with Incho up top for most of the game and with my pace and spregguer and sam's work to close the game out.  Guest player #2, Anthony Saysay came in late and worked well in the middle.  Anthony "wolverine" Calarco is a monster.  He came in with about 15 minutes left, and within 30 seconds (accidently) punched some kid in the gut.  "How did that happen, wolverine?" I asked on the way home - "he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time."  We played well.

So, at the 73rd minute, Gary made a very nice pass down the right side to a streaking Berardi - he cut in, beat a few guys, and was off to the races!  Just him and the goalie....but, he fools everyone and taps it over to JJ running on the left near the 6 yard box!  JJ made no mistake and finished calmly!!!

1-0 good guys.

...A very intelligent play by one of our newest players - that assist by berardi - the goalie was way off of his line all day - very aggressive - at one point in the first half, the former Maldovan professional, ran out about 30 yards near the right sideline to win the ball from a potential Incho breakaway...

We finished off the final 20 minutes or so, with our subs bringing the fire.  One of the Northern Virginia representative's (Hammers FC) players received a second yellow after elbowing Schroen in the jaw in our box a few minutes after our goal...

Early word for Mariachi Man of the Match:  Chris Berardi (Rookie)

1-0 FINAL !!

On to the Regional Semis.

On the way home, we saw a live fox on the road in Wyoming county.  Very rare.  Sief swerved.

High 'Yotes on three!

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