A Thread For All Non-Expert Predictions (Open to All League Members But Schieber and Rademaker)

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A Thread For All Non-Expert Predictions (Open to All League Members But Schieber and Rademaker)

Post  Matt Marcin...z on Fri Apr 28, 2017 6:15 am

Note that I omitted scare quotes around 'expert'--aside from the fact that scare quotes are inconvenient to apply to one half of a hyphenated word, I won't challenge the Virtually Vocal Two Fifths of The Board's roster-based knowledge supremacy over all the rest of the BDSL universe, possible apologies to Faress and dead Drew Maloney.  And also Ben Tsujimoto, who'd apparently rather get paid to produce BDSL-related content than to grace the forums for no royalties.  Anyway, this one is for the people.  And I did win the Tehel bracket challenge two years ago...but that was as luck-dependent as this effort is about to be


1. BSC Raiders
2. Amherst Sharpshooter
4. Clarence Mighty Martinezes (kudos to Clarence for having probably the most Polonia-like roster in the BDSL from a purely age-based standpoint--few guys pushing 50, everyone else either in their prime or before it)
5. SoHo, reluctantly based on what I've seen in 11 v 11 this winter
6. Queenston
7. EA
8. YE
9. CU
10. Roos
11. admittedly non-elite Yemen
12. Bantu


I'm already feeling like I'm going to completely butcher (probably a word I needed to get permission to use from SoHo) this:

1. Wolfpack
2. Beast City
3. Panthers
4. Lykan
5. BSC I
6. Southtowns
7. Rangers
8. Quake
9. Willies
10. Alliance
11. Hoops
12. Niagara


Even though this is the division in which I myself will participate, my knowledge just keeps getting worse and worse


1. ...am I really picking SPAL here?
2. Please Tell Me Ian Redpath Does Not Still Coach That F*cking Team FC (Canisius High '03)
3. Tri Town
4. Crimson Fire
5. Rampart
6. NMB
7. Buffalo Celtic
8. DSC
9. Hamburg (apologies to Jamel if he sees this)

Mingle (Who is Mingle?  Clearly should be named the Salt division given the other division name, but anyway)

1. I hear GI HS '16-17 was really good, so I guess I defer
2. Polonia
3. Pendleton
4. GLA
5. West Side/old-school SPAL (I look forward to this matchup)
6. Tonawanda
7. Alden
8. RVS
9. Gunners


I assume before I look that the division names will be Salt and Wallflower (I hope someone sees the logic of this joke)

Odenbach (WTF?)

1. Youngstown
2. Pikuzinkski-era Blizzard
3. AC Milan Delco Academy
4. Bosnia-Herzegovina
5. Depew Village (I kind of just wanted juxtapose multiple Balkan nations with a random village in WNY)
6. Celtic's 1,888th franchise
7. Cheektovegas
8. coin lands on heads: Honey Badgers
9. Chupacabras

The Esteemed Dave Simpkin Division:

1. Dutch
2. Meerkats
3. Yemen II((I)
4. Kingsmen
5. Ukraine
6. [T]WSS
7. Brigade
8. People Who For Some Reason Have Queen City Pride--Maybe They Are Cincinnati Transplants
9. WNY Red-Not-Blue (RIP Blue; been a few years now)


Nikola Tesla is to my ultimately minuscule knowledge one of the greatest humans to ever walk the planet, but he died penniless, and this team will presumably die promotionless.  Elon Musk is from South Africa and probably once played soccer...though he never will on Mars...anyway...

1. Devils
2. Great White Buffalo, aka the team that's been spray-painting KKK symbols on North Tonawanda playground equipment in recent days (I kid, I know a few people on this team...def sounds white supremacist though)
3. Handmade Jugs Fashioned of Stone
4. Aftershock...this is probably actually too low, but I'm not about to edit this
5. Aurora Arsenal part deux
6. Celtic Classique
7.-14. even more of a crapshoot than all the rest, as far as I can tell

Had to preempt the experts!  This better get recognition on my nonexistent twitter page and Polonia's nonexistent twitter page alike

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