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Post  B_Calvaneso on Mon May 08, 2017 2:03 pm

So apparently Nichols was the place to be yesterday if you wanted to watch some good Premier soccer action. The 4pm games gave us Celtic United vs Queenston and Sharpshooters vs Clarence. Then the 6pm games were BSC Raiders vs SOHO and the game I will be recapping, BUSS vs Bantu.

We had 16 players dressed in our usual orange jerseys, while Bantu had somewhere around 2 or 3 subs, I think, dressed in red with white stripes. The jersey similarity was a bit of an issue but since we only run with one jersey and Bantu has a yellow kit as well I figured they would wear that one instead. Well they wore red which made things a bit difficult.

As far as the game goes, it was pretty much the way we figured it would go. The first half saw us with basically all the possession, probably 85/15 in our favor. Toward the end of the half Bantu started to settle in a bit better.

Bantu was very physical, throughout the course of the game. We must have earned 10 free kicks. Referee Ankur was content to let the game be played without handing out many cards. I understand his philosophy, but I also think things got a bit out of hand. Bantu earned two yellow cards on the day but I believe could have earned another 3 or 4. BUSS were our typical angelic, violence free selves earning no cards on the day.

About 20-25 minutes into the half Prince Saysay hit a volley down the left side of the field. The defender completely misplayed the bounce and it went over his head right to the awaiting feet of Hunter Walsh. Hunter dribbled just inside the 18 and unleashed a left footed shot that found the right side panel.

-1-0 BUSS

Musse dominated the midfield for most of the first half. His former team got a bit choppy with him, at one point taking him out of the game for a bit with a foul to the side of his thigh. But he would get back at them later in the game.

Half time brought us some content on the sidelines. We were moving the ball decent but we all agreed it could be better. We also needed to hit our speedy forwards on the run when possible.

Second half was a lot of the same as the first half. Bantu seemed to have the better of possession overall but a lot of their possession was stymied by Polo when they tried to find that final ball into the attacking third. Speaking of Polo, he was a beast yesterday. He gobbled up any real spark of an offensive threat that Bantu had and his decision making both defensively and starting the attack was flawless. His transition to CB was solid this match.

Bantu's game plan seemed to be gain possession in their defensive third and try to hit a long ball to the lone forward up top. But with two defenders sitting deep they were outnumbered almost every time. I know when I was out there I had acres of space between the outside backs and the forward as they didn't seem to have an outside midfielder. Or if they did he was nowhere to be found.

10 minutes or so into the second half Musse took possession in the attacking third just outside the 18. He made a couple moves and got a right footed shot off that the keeper parried away to his left. The speedy Dan Tarbell got from the outside of the 18 to where the ball fell, just outside the 6, in a flash and buried home the rebound.

-2-0 BUSS

The rest of the game was pretty easy. Bantu never really pressed our keeper Drew Colosimo except for a corner kick and one diving stop in the first half that he turned away and off the post.

Man of the match goes to Polo Suazo. His intelligence and smooth play out of danger was brilliant yesterday. His transition to CB seems to be natural and one that will help us this season.

Up next for us is Celtic United next Sunday. Game time was originally scheduled for 4pm kickoff but with Prince and Anthony Saysay representing the BDSL for Clarence's Open Cup match at 2pm, it will likely be rescheduled to 6pm at D'Youville.

Good luck to Buffalo Bantu this season.


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Post  IMartin on Tue May 09, 2017 9:21 am

The jersey similarity was not a bit of an issue. It was a nightmare. An orange team vs a red team. Next week why don't we wear black and the other team Navy blue. I'd like to issue a little sagely advice to Bantu. You were screaming at each other. Screaming at the ref. Getting in players faces. Getting in the ref's face. Complaining about fouls even when you got the call. Starting multiple altercations, and performing numerous reckless tackles. Bobby is right Ankur cut you a break with only two yellow cards. This is week 1. If you continue to act this way, it's going to be a long season for you. Relax and just enjoy playing soccer.


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