Celtic 1888 0-1 Youngstown Marksmen

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Celtic 1888 0-1 Youngstown Marksmen

Post  BHastings on Sun May 14, 2017 10:06 pm

So I started writing this forum post and about halfway through some pop-up comes on saying I can win a free iPhone 7 and all my progress was gone. I know the league flourishes monetarily, but popups are just over the top, borderline insulting to us forum posters.

Anyway, weird weather for a game at Ken-East, the field was average, grass a little thick but nothing to complain about. Pregame involved watching people attempt to revive their old touches and watching a few teammates try to trick me with how much they owed me for league fees/jerseys.

The Marksmen Barracks housed about 17, properly donning the green and white hoops.  the Celtic bhoys in green dark grey had about 15.

The first 20 minutes was the a fairly ugly process of knocking off the rust from the legs, as both teams hadn't really played an outdoor game until now. A couple half chances on the long ball for the Marksmen with the wind at our backs, but nothing doing really. Tons of fouls, none through cynicism, but all through lack of coordination and a decent first touch. The breakthrough came about a half hour in when debutant Mike Skowronski hoofed it forward and Austin Barr took a flick on it, and with the light sprinkle, greased up soccer ball, and an ugly bounce, slipped through the keepers hands and Josh "FUPA" Smith was full steam ahead to capitalize on the error. 1-0 Marksmen. 43' our other debutant at right back Mason Monteleone thinks he understands the type of physicality involved in playing in the BDSL, and proceeds to truck a guy in our box. Ensuing spot kick is stopped by Hastings, kick save and the rebound was bundled wide.

Halftime, ref finally agrees that the ball needs air and pumps it.

Second half the Celtic team definitely started to probe at our back four with still a strong wind advantage but were unable to come up with any true quality shooting chances. Couple weird fouls committed and as time wound down the Marksmen dug into their fox holes and waited out the pressure. Game finishes, 1-0 Marksmen.

Best of luck to Celtic 1888, it was a pretty clean and fun game, They will be a solid team in the Division. Next game we go to Walden Pond Stadium to play Delco Academy, should be a cracker.


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