Crimson 1 - Buffalo Celtic 1

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Crimson 1 - Buffalo Celtic 1

Post  MitchAC on Mon May 15, 2017 11:20 am

Mother's Day is so much fun. Day started off with about 16 guys coming and throughout the day the number dwindled to 12. Celtic showed up with 16. Field was okay, grass was probably a little long but wasn't a huge factor. Ref started the game a bit early so he could get his drive to Rochester started, wasn't a happy guy.

The first game of the season is always interesting, how will the guys play outdoors? How will everyone's touch be, etc. etc. Unlike the past few years we actually came out and possessed the ball fairly well. As the game progressed Celtic had their fair share of the ball too. First meaningful moment was probably a cross that went over to Stryker who volleyed the ball just outside the 6. Didn't get a lot on it and the keeper, who was in great positioning caught the ball. Few mins later Celtic had a few chances in a row but all were blocked by defenders. Both teams had a goal called back in this game. Celtic had a corner kick where a guy was left open. Went to bring it down with his chest but misjudged it, so decided to swat the ball down and kick the ball towards the post I was guarding. We called for a handball while his shot went off the post, not sure if it ever went in. Ref talked to his AR and they call handball. Rest of the half was uneventful as both teams took shots that either just went wide or keepers easily could take care of it.

Second half began much like the same. Celtic probably had more possession in the first 15 mins or so as they should with many more subs then us. Nothing Dylan Guarino couldn't handle. As we settled in Fenesse and Stryker began to take guys one on one and had some real good opportunities. Fenesse sent the ball into Stryker who went to slot the ball into a corner. The goalie (great game) pushed it just out for a corner. Stogner takes the corner, ball is pushed back out, back up to Stogner who swings the ball back in. Stryker was offsides doesn't try to play the ball as it goes over his head. Eric Smith brings the ball down and puts it in the net. Much to our dismay they Eric offsides even though he was behind a defender. Ref started to get liberal with penalties and YCs. I think 7 were handed out which seemed like a lot with no hard fouls. Most for just talking. We struck first with 15' left as stryker took a guy on and was fouled just outside of the 18. Stogner puts the ball over the wall and curves it in the top corner. 1-0 CF. Less than 5 mins left Celtic ended up getting four calls in a row, the last being because Smith was not letting a guy turn and was "talking poop". Interesting but the goalie takes the FK and the ball jumbles around. Dylan makes the first save and another guy shoots the ball off of his back and rolls in. Bummer. 1-1. Game ends a few mins later

All in all not bad with 12 guys and missing Jamie Asbach, Dylan Cunningham, Justin Claps, August and Nate Mackowski. I would remiss to not mention probably the best part of the Ref's game where he told a guy nice dive but gave him a Fk anyways...


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