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FC Quake 1:3 Panthers Empty FC Quake 1:3 Panthers

Post  aeaton on Sun May 21, 2017 8:26 pm

Our first match at Parkers, I must say very well maintained pitch also a nice facility. Both sides showed with I believe 4 subs.

The match started out seeing Quake somewhat control the tempo and the possession and kept the ball in Panthers end for the majority of the start. I can't remember when the goal was scored but it was somewhat early maybe 10-15' mark, Tarr would send a beautifully placed ball to Fisher and he would make no mistake sending it to the back of the net. 1:0 Quake and things were feeling great, we were limiting Panthers and really felt like we were the better side. Then, depending on who you ask a questionable penalty was awarded to the Panthers maybe around the 25' mark. The line around the 18 was a little dull to my right so I don't know for sure if he was inside the box or not but anyways, Panthers player was taken down looked like it could have been a ref decision it honestly could have went either way. 16 stepped up to the spot and while I guessed right to my left he tucked it in off the post just off my fingertips. The rest of the first half was really back and fourth both sides had some good looks but neither could get the go ahead, 1:1 at half.

Second half Quake came out slow, Panthers controlled the play and started to make Quake get off our game a bit. We finally calmed down a bit and settled in and again the match started to go back and fourth. Probably around the 70-75' our defenseman dragged a guy down at the 6 after receiving an elbow, ref pointed to the spot and again 16 stepped up. This time I did get a full hand on it however it wasn't enough 1:2 Panthers. We pushed forward as much as we could as the sky started to open up. I really think that second penalty deflated us as we played with them all match. As the dying seconds happened we were caught as our back line was in full push forward mode and the counter attack saw Panthers get an insurance goal 1:3 Panthers.

Good match, great group of guys over there best of luck throughout the rest of the year. As for us we have to regroup and get ready for our Thursday night Tehel Cup clash with Roos FC.


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FC Quake 1:3 Panthers Empty Re: FC Quake 1:3 Panthers

Post  clarkie6 on Mon May 22, 2017 10:46 pm

pretty fair recap. I don't know exactly when you scored but it was early like 5 mins in, I hated life at that point. First PK was close to box, both players were on the ground after, quake guy was like 1 yd in box and our guy flew forward and was about 3 yds in box. but, actual foul was very close. Second pk was no question, as you said really just pulled down. Keeper did extremely well on both pk's, unlucky not to have stopped one of them.
My assessment of the game is that panthers had much better possession, but quake had better quality chances on net. Quake are a great bunch of guys, enjoyed the game, i thought the ref crew did a good job as well.
I had literally no idea where I was going for this game. The field was nice and the pub along side it was very cool. If I hadn't brought my family it would've been perfect to grab a few drinks and watch the next match. Great spot.


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