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Post  MitchAC on Sun May 21, 2017 11:08 pm

All in all today was a pretty fun, even game, well played by both teams with great refs. NMB FC probably had 6-7 subs and we had 8 subs so pretty even in that category. As kick off began it really started to come down.

NMB started the game with the lion's share of possession. Our formation was not working well at all and we had guys playing the wrong position. NMB had a few chances/crosses that we cleared out before getting on the board about 15' in. Their player shot down the left side of the field and skipped a ball that Guarino normally would have saved. Weather helped the ball skip by and it was 1-0 NMB. Maybe 10 mins later NMB would go up 2-0. We played the ball back to Guarino who side stepped one attacker and passed the ball up the middle of the field. The ball was played out wide to the right and mishandled. NMB FC gained possession and put it in an open net. 2-0. We finally got on the board with less than 5 minutes left in the first half, huge for morale. Guarino sent a long punt over the top, NMB CB misjudged it and Paul Lagno got behind with the ball. Their goalie was well off his line and he sent the ball over him about 25 yards out. 2-1 HT.

At halftime we adjusted the formation while everyone goofed off. I was pretty thankful we were only down 1 as NMB definitely had a few more chances. We started off the second half like a new team with a lot more possession. Had a few chances before Cunningham sent Billica in to the box. Billica and NMB keeper met at the top of the right box and the keeper crushed Billica. PK was awarded. Cunningham stepped up and calmly put the ball in the corner. 2-2. Rest of the game was pretty back and forth. Friendly game, not too many fouls and if any nothing hard. Cunningham had two beautiful chances in the last 10 to put us up. Stryker was all over the place before leaving the game with a bloody nose from an inadvertent hand. It will be nice to have Jamie Asbach back moving forward.


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