Devils 4 Moby Ducks 0

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Devils 4 Moby Ducks 0

Post  cdubbz731 on Mon May 22, 2017 7:20 am

Was waiting for an email from the league stating the games were canceled bc of some misty conditions out there today, nope. game on. Devils showed up wearing Orange 20 deep, yes 20. never will happen again. Ducks showed up with 15 or 16 wearing TAN but must say, the black jerseys are much better than those worn yesterday.

Right before the game started, I'm pretty sure I heard a few "quacks" from the opposite end of the field. First 10 mins seemed to be fairly matched. Tim Mack broke in behind the defense from a long ball from B. Wzontek and took a shot 20-25 yards out, far post 1-0 Devils. Ducks keeper twisted an ankle on the play and had some choice words for the field conditions. Keeper change. I believe one of their defensive guys jumped in and posted a quick 10 min shut out until the starting keeper came back in. As soon as he jumped behind the pipes again, K. Bukoweicki had a thrown in even with the 6 yard box and ball skipped in past T Mack to Z. Hirshbeck to find the back of the net 2-0 about 20-25 mins in.

Shortly after we saw some commotion across from the Devils bench. it twas the about 7 FC Aftershock gents coming to scope out the competition drinking Mich Ultra? c'mon guys, Ultra?Evil or Very Mad I give u guys a F- on beer selection, but B for effort coming to a rainy cold game after playing one of your own.

Back to the game, T Mack found his way in behind the defense again all alone when he was clipped by the last man back about 20 yards out. - foul, no card. He was in on net alone and surely had the last man beat, o well, he decided to take matters into his own hands and burry the free kick side netting for a 3-0 Devils lead and his 2nd of the game. Half 3-0 Devils.

The first 10 mins of the 2nd half I did not see as I went to grab some juice boxes for the post game as I took myself out of the game with an injury. I was advised on returning that R. Weiand saved a PK due to a hand ball in the box. I'll take Aftershocks word for it, it was a nice save.

Scored would stay the same for a good 20 mins until Z. Hirshbeck slotted a nice pass from Shawn Powers. for his 2nd of the game and what would be the final score 4-0.

Best of luck Moby Ducks on the rest of the season. Nice having T Mack return after a few years off after breaking his leg during his last game and kudos the GMRM (General Manager Roger Martin) on the additions this year. Great scouting at the combine Rog. Twisted Evil


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