FC Afterschock 8, Big Green SC 2

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FC Afterschock 8, Big Green SC 2

Post  dpatterson on Mon May 22, 2017 9:17 am

Aftershock make the trip out to Ives Pond to face Big Green SC on a warm but rainy afternoon. Aftershock show with 15 while Big Green appeared to have roughly the same numbers.

Aftershock controlled possession for the first part of the first half. Around the 5', first goal is from a ball down the wing, played back to the top of the box where Sean Daigler made no mistake and buried it far past. 1-0. Around the 10', Dillon Patterson shoots from outside the 18 and Brandon Sullivan puts the rebound in the back of the net. 2-0. At the 15', Tony Bonadonna plays a corner into the box and Ben Spaulding gets his head on it. 3-0. A few minutes later, Brian Voit receives the ball and puts it into the back of the net. 4-0. Around the 35', Patterson receives a through ball from Voit, steps around a defender and beats the goalie. 5-0. Halftime would come with Aftershock controlling most of the possession for the first half.

At the start of the second half, Aftershock begin to apply the pressure again. Bonadonna gets his 3 assist off another corner that Sullivan puts into the back of the net. 6-0. Around the 55', one of Big Green players hits the ball (not sure if it was a shot or cross) from roughly 25-30 yards out and it curls into the upper 90. 6-1. At the 65', a miscommunication along the backline of Big Green allows Patterson to steal the pass back to the goalie, who then walks around the goalie and puts it into the empty net. 7-1. Around the 75', Caleb Spaulding receives the ball at the top of the box, makes a few moves and beats the goalie far post. 8-1. Big Green would score their 2nd at the end of the game due to a breakdown on Aftershock backline. 8-2. Game would end with Aftershock having a few more chances but no goals.

No problems with the officiating crew this week and overall clean game by Big Green, they have some talent just need to get use to playing together. Good luck to them the rest of the year.

After the game Aftershock decided to head over to Kenny Field to watch Moby Ducks vs Devils. 2 of us left at halftime when the score was 3-0 and a few more stuck around for a while.

Aftershock look to reschedule the makeup game vs North Buffalo FC on Thursday 06/01.

Aftershock play their next Sunday Game on 06/04 against Erie County FC, who we have had our differences with on twitter. It is going to be a game you don't want to miss.


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