Clarence Coyotes Solve Soho, Stay Undefeated

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Clarence Coyotes Solve Soho, Stay Undefeated Empty Clarence Coyotes Solve Soho, Stay Undefeated

Post  david martinez on Mon May 22, 2017 10:46 am

...I was like, "F#@k that, @convictcharlie is not gettin' in that cooler!  He's a great guy, but it's almost empty, and he was the enemy like 15 minutes ago."  Chuck was stealthily making his way towards we celebrating band of Coyotes - zigzagging his way across the field.  He was smart enough to wait until after all of his teammates had left Town Hall Park, revved up his car, drove around the parking lot, past the baseball diamond, then returned to his original parking spot - he needed beer, so he made his move.  Once he arrived, a few of us said, "What's up-Chuck?" (some of our younger yotes chuckled at the puke pun) - I just blocked the cooler.  Sief, being the good guy that he is, was like, "I'm going right now, to get another 30..."  When Sief returned, Gary started the, 'There's only one John-ny Sief-ert' chant.' Charlie joined in...

That was after the game.

Before and during the game, our thirsty field soaked in as much rain as it could - trying to avoid it's usual concrete-like state.  The field was great.  Just a bit slick.  

Soho brought 13, we brought 17.  If you weighed everyone on each team, though, we were about even.

They have 3 or four monsters.  One dude, is about 6'3" or 4" 250 (easy), and he is very good on the ball.  At one point (during my 23 minutes), he beat me to the ball, so what do I decide to do?, obviously, I grab his shirt - at first, I felt like I was water skiing, then I thought I snagged a marlin - either way, not a good idea...

It seemed like Soho read the scouting report from the previous week's Christos debacle, and jammed back and tucked nearly everyone back defensively in the box - during the 1st 20 minutes or so.  Although we controlled a lot of the possession, we didn't convert.  They did though.  I think it may've started on a set piece - not sure - but it finished with a daft strike that (I think it might've been a mix between a chip and bullet, if that's possible) floated over a stretching LP1, grazed the crossbar and found the back netting.  

1-0 All Pinks.

Sief and Kowi, having made a full recovery from the previous week's temporary amnesia (when they forgot to play me in the Regional Cup), made one of the smartest managerial decisions of the evening : Sief tapped me on the back, and said, "warm up, bud."  I got in with about 11 minutes left in the half.  Within 90 seconds I got injured - some dude came in hard on a 50/50 (spikes may've been up) both feet, somehow on my right ankle [it is baseball sized today] - he asked if I was ok after.  I said I was.  I lied.  Well, I played through it.  8 minutes left in the half.  Rookie sensation, Francesco 'the Italian Stallion' Strangio, got the ball just outside of the 18 and sniped it to the left of Ski.  1-1.  That kid is as cool as the other side of the pillow.  Great addition to the squad. 3 minutes later, Chris B. (an absolute soccer-specimen and fellow rookie), collected the ball near the right endline, controlled it like it was a yo-yo, and gave a sick pass to Dre 'the Italian Stallion' Conte, just inside the left corner of the 18.  I made another slick veteran run right in front of him, drew one defender, and Dre did the rest.  The kid literally turned around the defender - quite a feat considering the skill level of the opponents defense - and neatly passed it in with his left boot.  That goal proved to be the game winner.

2-1 at half.  Martinez' plus/minus (+2).

Second half opened up a bit.  Playing with the lead was good for us.  Having 6 subs helped too.  We rotated everybody nicely, while the All-Pinks, with only 2 subs, one of whom was Sully, seemed to get a bit gassed.  We controlled the majority of play.  During both halves, LP1 had to use some fancy footwork a few times, and also made a few strong saves, but we maintained most of the chances to score.  Chris 'the jackrabbit' Berardi, continued his beastmode play, again, all day, and was rewarded with a professional pass from Gary.  Berardi finished.  Another great goal.  With 20 minutes to play, I got back in.  It was on a corner.  I ran in, brought Cesco off, and sent Clint (another rookie) back to middy.  The corner came in, Clint was all over it - ponytail flying in the wind - and blasted it past Ski - it clanked, hard, off the crossbar - but right onto the foot of Gary 'I have the assist record in high school and college' Boughton, who, calmly passed it to himself (for the assist) and blasted in from 1 yard out.  [After the calm pass to himself, I noticed his eyes widen in terror, though, as three guys, each a full head taller than him, came flying in to attempt to cut off the play]...  

Sief subbed in for me with 8 minutes left, his first action of the evening - he had 2 or 3 great touches and almost scored.

4-1 final.  good guys.  I, also, finished at a +3.

From top to bottom, we were solid yesterday.  LP1, Schroetrain, AC, Peek, Kenny, and JJ were extremely good for us in the back.  Our middies and wingers are second to none.  Incho, and Jose did well up top - along with Sammy Davis (another rookie, who saw his most action of the season yesterday, and proved that he brings a tremendous amount to the team).

All in all, I was very happy with the game, and especially happy to beat a team that we have a lot of respect for, who is a perennial powerhouse, and who almost always beats us!

Everyone stayed on to celebrate afterwards.  Jimmy was there.

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