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Revolution SC 2 - Celtic Classic 0 Empty Revolution SC 2 - Celtic Classic 0

Post  ajbalsd on Tue May 23, 2017 9:05 pm

Well, this is the second time I am typing this. Somehow, with my first recap almost complete, I managed to jump away from the page and lost everything. So this will be the condensed version....

The field was in incredible shape, considering all of the rain we received on Sunday, and there was a game being played on it right before ours. Probably the best grass field we have played on in a while (granted, this is coming from a team that plays their home games on cement and rocks).

We showed up with 15-16 guys and Celtic may have had 14? There were a few guys in street clothes over there due to some injuries. Anyways..

The first half started with some great chances both ways. I might be a little biased here, but I would say we had more chances, and more control, but not by much. About half way through the first half, we missed a golden opportunity when Ryan Essenburg somehow didn't score off a corner. He had a lovely header which their keeper, Steve Espeland, got on arm on. Sam Fahy might have actually scored on the rebound, but the Celtic D man on the post stood his ground (even though he might have been in the net). We probably should have had 2-3 goals in the first half alone, if it were not for the exceptional play from their keeper. We finally got on the board towards the end of the first half. Ben Chang fed Ryan Pulaski a ball at the top of the 18. Ryan might have caught Celtic off guard a bit as he quickly went to his left, buried his head and drilled a laser, past the keeper, on the far side. It was aided by the slick grass, which sped it up even more as it hit about a yard or two before the goal line. 1-0, end of half.

The second half was more of the same, with Celtic putting on some pressure. Both sides had some good chances. There were plenty of physical tackles, challenges, and take downs throughout the game on both sides. And there was plenty of chatting/complaining to spread around as well, nothing out of the ordinary for a Sunday night BDSL game. I thought the young ref did a pretty good job making some calls, and letting some plays go. Of course, both sides would argue that he missed some things and made some bad calls, but I wouldn't mind having this ref every game. We picked up an insurance goal later on in the second. Andy Page had some nice movement at the top of their 18, and took it down to the end line. He made a terrific cross, just over the keeper's outstretched hands, and it found Nate O'Donnell's head for a beautiful goal. Frank Huber made some key saves, and bailed his D out (at least I know he bailed me out a few times). Overall, Revolution played a pretty solid game, as did Celtic. Good luck to them the rest of the way. Lets hope for a dryer game in two weeks. (Don't worry Warren, I won't mention your diving header attempt....)

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