Queenston Stun #Yotesnation, Score Screamin' Header @89th

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Queenston Stun #Yotesnation, Score Screamin' Header @89th Empty Queenston Stun #Yotesnation, Score Screamin' Header @89th

Post  david martinez on Wed May 31, 2017 9:20 am

The north northwest wind was strong for about 80% of the match during last night's mid-week premier division clash at the Clarence Soccer Center.  We Coyotes had the wind and the sun in our favor, the first half.  Unfortunately, we couldn't find the back of the net all half.  We controlled the supermajority of play (roughly 67%), while our counterparts were content to hold us off and occasionally counter. Their goalie is about 6'5" 217lbs, and I think he is a BDSL board member, so, you don't want to mess with him.  LP1 is in his early fifties and, if you are ever fortunate enough to pound him up, you will realize that the guy is as solid as a brick wall.  Clean slates for each net-minder first half.

Ryan "youngblood" Schroen earned MVP honors last night.  His defensive combination play (predominantly with AC), as well as his decision making and explosiveness, were second to none.

0-0 half.

Second half was, basically, more of the same.  We may have had a bit more possession than in the first, but not too much to report.  There were very few clear cut chances for either team all game.  We had a few more, I guess.  I thought we played well all game.  Very few mistakes aside from shooting wide here and there.  With about 10 minutes left, 18 year old Sam "Sammy davis Jr" Sutherland (Rookie) received a nice pass from fellow rookie Francesco, beat 2 or 3 dudes, and smashed it home, side netting.  1-0 BlueGreys.

Kowi pulled the trigger with 5 to go in regulation, "Martinez, go in up top, and ice it."  We should've known, especially in today's political climate, the surname 'Martinez' and the acronym, 'ICE,' do not go particularly well together.  Needless to say, I went in.  Around the 89th minute, LP1 gobbled up a shot, and threw it towards one of our defenders just outside the top corner of the 18.  A lucky Queenston forward happened to turn around right on time and receive the gift of the evening.  He made a nice move and crossed it perfectly to an oncoming teammate, who buried it, angrily, into the back of the net (he was about 1 yard out).  The celebration consisted of him ripping off his jersey and (angrily) screaming, 's@#k my d#*k, s#*k my fu#k*ng d#*k' a few times, as his teammates surrounded him.  

Nice comeback.

1-1 final.

All the teams in premier are good.  

Happy to stay near the top of the table and happy to earn a point.

david martinez

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Queenston Stun #Yotesnation, Score Screamin' Header @89th Empty Re: Queenston Stun #Yotesnation, Score Screamin' Header @89th

Post  LP1 on Wed May 31, 2017 10:30 am

Put us in a bad spot w/that bad distro...Squad didn't deserve that outcome

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