FC Aftershock 5, North Buffalo FC 0

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FC Aftershock 5, North Buffalo FC 0 Empty FC Aftershock 5, North Buffalo FC 0

Post  dpatterson on Fri Jun 02, 2017 9:33 am

We came to an agreement with North Buffalo FC to play the rain-out game on Thursday June 1st. Aftershock show with 12 while it appeared that North Buffalo FC had roughly 14. Both teams were warming up and as 6:30 approached we noticed that we didn't have any refs. After conversations with Mike and the other team, we decided to go around West Seneca Soccer Complex to see if there were any eligible refs available for our game. Eventually we found 3 approved refs and started kickoff at roughly 7:30pm.

As kickoff started, Aftershock controlled the majority of the possession. In the 10', Adam Hellerer found his brother, Tony Bonadonna, who would score his first goal of the season by blasting it past the goalie from 20 yards out. 1-0. Around the 20', Adam played the ball down the line to Patterson who crossed it into the box finding Caleb Spaulding crashing the net. 2-0. Around the 30', the ball was played into the box, missed by 3 Aftershock players, 2 North Buffalo Players, and their goalie and bounces around of different individuals. Eventually it falls to Patterson who puts it far post. 3-0. Halftime would follow shortly, where we took a quick water break and switched sides in hopes of having enough daylight to finish the game.

Second half started with Aftershock controlling most of the possession, but North Buffalo started to work the ball into our half from time to time. Around the 55', Sean Daigler tackled the ball away from a North Buffalo player sending Patterson in on the goalie. Patterson beats the goalie shortside. 4-0. At the 65', something happened in North Buffalo box resulting in an Aftershock pk. We debate on who is going to take it, but eventually we let Cullen Dedrick take it (with the stipulation that he drinks a beer from his sock if he misses). Cullen blasts it wide left. Around the 70', Aftershock win a free kick around half. Andy Slocum plays a ball to Adam, who puts a ball through North Buffalo defenders onto an oncoming Ben Spaulding. He makes no mistake. 5-0. North Buffalo would start pushing everyone forward for the final minutes of the game but no dangerous opportunities arose.

Best of luck to North Buffalo FC the rest of the year.

The ref crew was by far the best one we have all year. We appreciated them taking the time to come ref our game was there original one was over.

Aftershock enjoyed celebratory beers after the game (Cullen drank one out of his sock) and are looking forward to the showdown vs Erie County FC this sunday at 6pm at West Seneca Soccer complex.


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