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Devils 4  Great Lakes 0 Empty Devils 4 Great Lakes 0

Post  cdubbz731 on Mon Jun 05, 2017 7:11 am

Great night for soccer under the lights at Kenny field 845 start. Weather was glorious, Music was blasting before the game. Devils showed up with 20, yes 20 and unfortunately Great Lakes showed up with 8, we had more subs than they had players. I got wind of some of the excuses for not being there. Upsetting because those 8 played all 90 at 100%. Kudos to the 8

We figured that Great Lakes would park the bus and oh did they. Devils didn't get on the board until maybe 25-30 mins in when Marcus Campbell found a deflection and had a nice shot to the keepers right, He got a piece of it but it went in. maybe 10 mins later off a corner kick, ball dropped to Matt chase who nicely passed it to Mike Macko for his 1st of the year off the post and in. 2-0 Half.
Devils lost a player to a groin injury so we went down to only lol.... 8 subs.

Not much different from the first half. Devils got on the board again with a long cross to Karl B. who gave a nice pass to Matt Chase who did the work himself. He went through 3 players and slotted it nicely for 3-0 lead. Last goal came from marcus Campbell heel to Z. Hersh. who placed it nicely by the keeper from 18 yards out 4-0 how the game would end.
As much as you'd like to see 20 players show to every game, it was tough to get going out there before letting someone come in and play- ESPECIALLY when u know u are playing a team down that many guys. Everyone wants to score and shoot. Eh, so be it, Devils are 4-0 on the year and look to keep going. I'm going to nominate the GK for Great Lakes, who I think was just a stand in for the game, for player of the week for D3. He made no lie- 30-40 saves tonight, sometimes on rebounds. he was simply all over the place.

Beers were had by both teams and FC Aftershock, in typical form, showed up with some Lime Cactus Mich Ultras. woof. I'm either thinking FC Aftershock has a crush on us or its the little brother syndrome - coming to the games hoping big brother will let them play. June 18th we'll let u play... but not that much.


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Devils 4  Great Lakes 0 Empty Re: Devils 4 Great Lakes 0

Post  dpatterson on Mon Jun 05, 2017 8:33 am

To be the best, we gotta beat the best. See you on the 18th!


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