FC Aftershock 6, Erie County FC 1

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FC Aftershock 6, Erie County FC 1 Empty FC Aftershock 6, Erie County FC 1

Post  dpatterson on Mon Jun 05, 2017 8:54 am

Kickoff was at West Seneca Soccer Complex at 6 pm. It was an overcast evening and we were hoping to finish the game before the rain hit. Aftershock showed with 15 players while Erie County FC had roughly the same numbers. With all the twitter talk leading up to the season and a run in with some of their players during indoor, Aftershock was really looking forward to this game.

First half started and I would say possession was roughly 85-15 Aftershock, if not more. Around 10', Patterson beat a defender on the baseline, laid it off to Ben Spaulding at the top of the box, who passed to his brother Caleb Spaulding, who blasted it past the goalie. 1-0. At the 15', Patterson got the ball on the baseline beat 2 defenders and found Tony Bonadonna at the back post for the tap in. 2-0. At the 30', Adam Hellerer received the ball on the left wing, crossed it into the box where Patterson put his head on the ball and over the goalies outstretched arms. 3-0. Things were getting pretty chippy at this point in the game. ECFC players were making late challenges by going through Aftershock legs after they kicked the ball. At one point Patterson walked in on the goalie who came out cleats up and with no call. At the 40', a ball deflected off a ECFC player, to the top of the 18, where Patterson played it over the on-charging goalie (who leveled Patterson again), where Brian Voit then chased it down to tap it into the empty net. 4-0. Halftime would shortly follow. Aftershock players would talk with the ref at halftime to make him aware of the after the play fouls in hopes of us walking away with no one getting hurt.

Second half kicked off and ECFC would finally gain a little possession (but overall possession was still probably controlled by aftershock 65-35.) At the 60', miscommunication on Aftershock back line resulted in ECFC beating the goalie far post. 4-1. At the 70', Bonadonna played a corned into the box where ECFC captain put it into his own net. At the 75', Bonadonna laid a ball off to Ben Spaulding who hit it upper 90 from 20+ yards out. 6-1. ECFC may have had another chance or two but nothing that troubled the Aftershock goalie. Final whistle would go once it started it raining and lighting displayed across the sky. Overall the second half was much cleaner than the first half.

Aftershock had some celebratory drinks under the pavilion after the game and I believe someone from our team eventually ended up at the Devils game (again) to drink with GWB.

Aftershock look onto next week, where we play the Revolution at 6pm


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