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We have been frustrated with the results despite being encouraged by our play through 3 matches and in search for the spark to ignite the flame. A rematch with the boys of Williamsville was it, especially once this thing kicked off.

Both teams had 15 to choose from for this one, but we went down to 14 early. We had a committed plan today, coming out in a new formation that I have no doubt based on how first 10-15 mins played out, Willies didn't see coming. We knew their game after 2 matchups last year, its textbook HS soccer, possess out of the back and then long ball long ball long ball down the wings. I made it clear to our OMs their first priority in the opening minutes of this match were to at all costs not get caught up field against their counter parts. So kickoff comes at 2pm with all the hype of rain/storms a mirage, beautiful low-70s & sunny on the Mulroy Pitch.

Early and often it was all FCQ from the whistle led by our match Captain Kerr. We were controlling play almost surprising well against the youth and speed of Willies. Willies may of had one long shot attempt during the first 15'. About 5 minutes some great give-and-go's found Tarr streaking forward splitting the Willies CD's, showing what a man playing against boys looks like on his way putting them both on the ground, cutting a 3rd defender to clear himself in the box, and then shooting inches wide far post... The play was a thing of beauty and showed everything Tarr has brought to our side, minus the finish. Don't worry Mate its coming! We continued to control everything, and soon executed the nicest goal I have seen out of us maybe ever. 9-10 clean crisp passes sprung Cruz down the right wing for the final ball which he perfectly placed and weighted for a charging Mammoliti, who made no mistake to absolute thunder it home with his greasy Italian head inside near post. 1-0 FCQ 10'.

This got the Willies going a bit I think, and the next few minutes evened out somewhat to the point where Willies began getting into our final 3rd, but failed to produce anything dangerous. Unfortunately around the 15' mark their first semi-dangerous looking chance came when Andraud raced Eaton to a through ball and managed a touch well wide, as he crashed into Adam pretty violently. Absolutely nothing intentional, and he immediately checked on Adam, but it was obvious Eats had done in a tender ankle he was playing on from Thursdays Tehel Cup match. After helping Adam off, Soemann suited up to take goal, as he ranks most experienced GK on the roster having played for like 1 year in Middle School or something. Our only mistake in this game was allowing ourselves to be shook losing Adam. We switched back to a classic 4-4-2 and definitely appeared to take up a more defensive posture, allowing Willies to gain some momentum and chances. All said possession began evening out, while Willies threatened into our final third but never got anything that tested Mark on net. 1 good corner that someone headed well over and a FK our wall blocked from not far outside the 18 was all I can recall that felt threatening. Their GK made one great save on Walker during that span as well.

Halftime - Mammo took control of the huddle and absolutely laid into the team in the best way possible. We had let the injury to Adam change the way the 10-men in front of the GK were playing after having took the play to Willies the first 15'. I for one was now ready to start reciting some of the famous lines from Braveheart, Gladiator, 300, you name it. We reentered the pitch staying in the 4-4-2, but back into the aggressive mentality we have stressed all offseason and early this Summer.

First few minutes it was apparent we were ready to seize back full control. It wasn't as dominant as the first 15 minutes, but we started to win again in the center and nicely move the ball around. Willies continued to try and catch us with long balls down the wings but Hubert (MVP possibly), Lafko and Cruz were ready and able all match to stymie it. Around 60' after a long run of FCQ possession in the Willies half, some good effort from Walker drew a CK. Iwankow swung in a good ball which was mis-volleyed by a FCQ player but went right towards Walker, who used his big hips to shimmy the ball off to an oncoming Kerr who hammered home into the top netting from the 6. 2-0 FCQ 60'.

You could sense Willies knew they were in trouble at this point, but they also looked pretty worn out with guys frequently calling for subs. They definitely began pushing numbers forward and trying to create more off the dribble. Several times Librock, Keating, Bachwitz or Andraud managed to get near our 18 off the dribble, but were always met by an FCQ defender with physicality to win the ball away. There push definitely opened things up for us to counter, and nearing the 70' mark we had a good sequence of play lead to a dangerous flick through from Mammoliti to an FCQ CM (cant recall) who had his shot blocked. Ball redirected to Tarr whose attempt was again blocked but right to Walker who made no mistake hammering home from close range. 3-0 FCQ 70' and it felt like the nail was driven into the coffin.

We were probably a little too content to defend at this point with our legs admittedly tiring. Willies did well to push and use what gas they had left to try and generate looks, but we simply had their number today defensively. Couple good runs and balls from them produced opportunity to create dangerous shots but the final tackle or pressure by our Defense was always there and effective. Willies did produce a good look from near top of 18 that was placed wide far post around the 80' mark. Another decent look from inside the box was kicked away from the near post by Soemann to preserve his clean sheet. That was really it chance wise for Willies though. We thought we had 4-0 in the waning minutes when almost a carbon copy of our 1st goal saw a cross in from Tarr hammered by a diving Mammo header perfectly near post, but the Willies GK made the save of the game, dare I say incredible. I and several others had let out a loud whoop but immediately regretted it. Oh well. Final minutes were spent with us possessing in the now large spaces left by Willies in their half. FT FCQ 3-0.

We finally played and were rewarded for a complete game we have seen coming for weeks. Defense was lights out across the board, MF controlled and frustrated their talented players, and the forwards pressed all match and finished when called. Our young players look better each match, with the quality of our depth from the 12 spot on back on the roster being the benefactor. I would be wrong to not single out Hubert after his last few matches going 90 minutes with me on D against Roos and Willies and not only looking comfortable, but dominating his side of the field. He is improving leaps and bounds every match with us so far and its a joy to see. Budding superstar defender for Hamburg entering only his Junior campaign. Having Mammoliti in the fold was the other catalyst today, endlessly creates chances and space for others, tracks back on D with Walker machine-like, and makes no mistake when given a look. Good luck to Willies rest of the way, they are too good to fall anywhere far from the top by years end, and they appear to have a bit more restraint and class to their game after a full campaign in the BDSL. Ankur and Co were borderline flawless today, totally even and consistent throughout.

Next up is the reschedule of our Week 1 wash out against BSC Inter, Thursday at Parkers 630pm. They will be hungry after a tough 1-0 L to the Pack.


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