Clarence Coyotes Sidestep Storm, Earn Pt. Vs. Strong Celtic Side

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Clarence Coyotes Sidestep Storm, Earn Pt. Vs. Strong Celtic Side Empty Clarence Coyotes Sidestep Storm, Earn Pt. Vs. Strong Celtic Side

Post  david martinez on Mon Jun 05, 2017 9:47 am

Chris Berardi is a magician. He pulls jackrabbits out of his hat like no other.  Mr. Francesco, also a magician, juggles with the best of 'em.  Kenny is a brick wall - challenging LP1 and Clint as team strongman; the guy is nearly unbeatable on D.  Those three, along with JJ, Schroentrain, and the rest of our Coyote squadron, allowed us to earn a hard fought, come from behind draw against a very solid Celtic United team...

A repeat of last year's Tehel Cup Final, last night's matchup had all the makings of a late spring thunderstorm.  Although we sidestepped the storm, the game was quite the clash.  Celtic controlled the supermajority of play through the first 15-17 minutes or so.  They took it to us.  They are very fit and youthful (I would say in or just out of college).  I think that, last night, they were probably as good or better than anyone we have faced this season (regular season).  Fortunately, we settled in and evened out control for the rest of the half.  Unfortunately, an odd bounce or two, coupled with some English on the ball, after a left to right cross, yielded a nice finish and a 1-0 lead for the opponents.  They were content to tuck in a bit and ride out the half with the lead.  Nevertheless, we Coyotes stayed relentless, and continued to work hard.  Our efforts were rewarded when Clint (ponytail) came out of a scrummy battle against a tough defender and laid a beaut over to Berardi (rookie) who lasered it in past the goalie, side netting.

1-1 halftime.

As always, we continued to battle hard.  Our efforts were rewarded with the go-ahead goal.  Incho (Mayor of Medina) blasted it off the goalie at close range in the middle of about 10 players,  Tyler (red/yellow cards vs Celtic every time) buried it for the early second half lead.  2-1 good guys.  Wait.  The goal was waved off.  I believe the ref called goalie interference.  Back to 1-1.  Needless to say, the rest of the game was, basically, evenly matched, we may've had a few more opportunities, but did not convert.  Both goalies did well.  LP1 made a few good decisions.

Once again, as a team, to the man, we played well.  Both teams worked hard and earned the point.

Post game quotes around the cooler:

[LP1 and myself] ; "I can't believe I am already getting mail-in offers from AARP."

[Peak and Sam] ; "Who are you taking to Prom on Friday."

[Unnamed Source] ; "I blacked out somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd hole at that country club in Medina.  I only remember leaving the course, going back to the bar, going to her place, throwing up, passing out for, like, 2 hours, waking up, and f@#k*ng her brains out."

[Jose] ; "I know her."

[Incho] ; "Oh, that country club is only, like, a five minute walk from my estate."

Pre/Post Game T-Shirt of the Match:

"Mariachi Is Life" (donned by: Jose)

We begin the defense of the Cup on Thursday in Clarence.

High 'Yotes on Three.

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