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BUSS 3 - Roos FC 1 Empty BUSS 3 - Roos FC 1

Post  B_Calvaneso on Mon Jun 05, 2017 10:19 am

I wasn't sure if we would get to play this game Sunday due to the thunderstorms predicted in the forecast all weekend. Well it turned out to be a pretty good day to play soccer. The first half was beautiful, with the sun setting in the west behind the dugout end of D'Youville's Dobson Field. The second half brought a bit of a chill, followed by some pretty intense rain and thunderstorms, thus ending the game early with around 15 left to play.

All though the weather was nice, the play on the field was a bit sloppy. We were working on a bit of a formation change and guys were still finding their positions in our new system. I had to play keeper for this matchup due to our starting keeper, Drew, being out of town. He was offered free tickets to see Dave Matthews Band, which is his favorite band. I would have turned them down because, quite frankly, Dave Matthews Band blows...but hey, that's just me I guess (sorry Drew).

As for the play on the field, we got the better of Roos in the opening 10-15 minutes of the first half. We knew going into the game that Roos would attack with through balls to Greco and Reid. Well the two combined early for the first real chance of the game when a through ball was sent to Reid, who was wide on my left. He walked in on a tough angle and I was able to cut the angle off and he sent a low shot into my (Drew's) left glove.

About 10 minutes or so into the half Kyle Clifford was able to put one past Roos FC keeper Slabyk. Anthony Saysay chipped the ball over the defense to Clifford out wide. Kyle was able to muscle past the defender and place it past the keeper.

1-0 BUSS

A few minutes after that Roos were able to even the score when Reid got one past me (in an offsides position from my point of view but not the AR's). He received it around the 18, took a touch and hit a nice shot to my right that I got a decent piece of but went off my finger tips and into the side netting. I think that Drew would have gotten to that one and maybe deflected it over the net. But none the less it went in and the score was tied.


Roos seemed to find their feet and took control for a good 5-10 minutes. Rich Gordon played some nice through balls and Greco gave our defenders fits with his tenacity and pursuit. The game seemed to settle in a bit with both teams playing a bit sloppy and mostly sticking in the middle third of the field. Hunter Sherman went up for a header that would have put us up but got under it on a decent chance over the bar. Abdi Sabtow had a decent chance that Slabky was able to smother. With about 10 left in the first half Reid got behind our defenders and came in one on one with me. He ripped a shot from around the 18 that I was able to get a hand on (I felt like it broke my elbow) and Prince got to the rebound and cleared.

At half time we were a bit worried that Roos were starting to gain some confidence with their solid play going in to half. We had a bit better of the possession through the half, probably somewhere around 60/40 maybe?

Normally we start off slow in the second half, but we were able to come out strong right off the bat. We earned a free kick just outside the 18 on the players bench side of the field. Junior Geegba sent a low ball across the 18 that we were unable to put on net. Yony Guardado and Abdi Sabtow gave the Roos midfield fits with their pace and quickness. Danny Tarbell was able to get down the line and send in a few solid crosses that we couldn't do anything with. Josh Hammer and Anthony Saysay clogged the middle to a "T" and stymied any Roos attack through the middle.

In the 55th minute or so Junior Geegba beat his defender along the end line and sent a low pass along the ground to the on coming Hunter Sherman. Hunter, who always does the dirty work in the box, got his right boot to it and past the keeper.

2-1 BUSS

10 minutes later Abdi Sabtow took the ball around midfield. He was able to dart in and out between defenders, taking the ball to his left and sending a nice through ball to Kyle Clifford, who was making a strong outside to inside run. Kyle got position on the defender and took a ripper from near the 18 that beat Slabyk between his left arm and the left post.

3-1 BUSS

Mother Nature decided to kick it up a notch as we were lining up for the kick off after the goal. The rain came down like crazy. I was actually pretty worried because I accidentally left my cleats at home and was wearing turf shoes. Turf shoes on a wet field as keeper is not a good idea.

Roos had a couple decent chances that either went over or wide in the last 10 minutes. I had a strong save on a Richie Gordon free kick that looked like it would find the head of a Roos player but instead hit the slick turf. The ball looked like it was going wide but I was able to dive with all I had to my left and get my fingers on it and knock it wide. Everybody said it was going in but it may have hit the post. No big deal, I had it covered (lol).

The rumblings of thunder and a few lightning bolts ended the game prematurely. We were going to wait it out but every 5 minutes or so the lightning clock had to be reset due to flashes out in the far west. We decided to call it and everybody went home.

Final score 3-1 BUSS

This was a big win for me personally as I have never beaten Roos FC in my entire time in the BDSL. Plus last time I played keeper against Roos it was the game that ended last years debacle of a season, where we were thrashed 5-1 I believe. It was huge for Kyle Clifford who was able to finally get the monkey off his back after just coming short in previous games.

Man of the match goes to Kyle Clifford for his 2 goals. Kyle was strong and determined to get on the board. A close second for M.O.T.M was Anthony Saysay and Junior Geegba. Anthony was a presence in possession and defending the middle of the field. Junior's first touch was incredible yesterday, putting himself in good positions and setting up his teammates with his vision. His assist put us up for good and sealed it for us.

Good luck to Roos going forward. They played hard and kept us on our toes all game long. We will see them again in a few weeks for our match up in the next round of the Tehel Cup.

Up next for us is a tough matchup against defending Premier champs Amherst Sharpshooters. Our games are normally close ones. Hopefully we can stay undefeated on the season and stay on top of the table.

Until next week.....


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