Grand Island Take 9 Knives To an 11 Gun Fight, Quit Halfway Thru, Clarence Advance

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Grand Island Take 9 Knives To an 11 Gun Fight, Quit Halfway Thru, Clarence Advance

Post  david martinez on Fri Jun 09, 2017 9:18 am

Note: Unless your name is @ChristosFC, it is inadvisable to show up with nine in a cup game vs. a defending Tehel Cup Champ.

Grand Island showed up to last night's Tehel Cup Match vs. the current defending Champion Clarence Coyotes at CSC with nine troopers. Inadvisable.

Grand Island battled hard for the first 15-20 minutes or so and held us off the score sheet. We missed maybe 10 pretty good opportunities throughout the first half. We played well throughout the half, and, eventually, started finishing. Our midfield monsters - Dre, Gary, Derek, and Chris - all scored and I think had 2 or 3 of the assists. Clint was involved in an assist or two as well. I had 2 'hockey assists.' Jose, Sam, and Incho worked hard up top and helped create a few opportunities. Current Tehel Cup player of the week, LP1, had to make one save and, along with stellar defending (schroen, JJ, Kenny, and strongman Brody), earned the clean sheet.

Having tweeted, 'ready to work the Clarence Pups' following their first round win, Grand Island's premonition did not come to fruition. In fact, they quit at halftime.

4-0 half. GI quits. 4-0 Final.

We wanted to continue running around. That is my weekly exercise, for example. Instead, we drank.

Post game MVP: Schroentrain (7 or 8 effective PBR can tosses to thirsty Yotemates)

Side note: My pregame huddle premonition came to fruition (nearly to a tee) -- 'Let's knock these guys off their island, put 'em under, and not let them up for a breath until it's 4 zip.' Instead of coming up for a breath, they ended up tapping out.

I am not happy with their decision to quit, but they worked hard during the first half with only 9.

We travel to Lackawanna for a tough regular season road game Sunday.

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