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Devils 3, GWB 1 Empty Devils 3, GWB 1

Post  cdubbz731 on Mon Jun 12, 2017 7:30 am

Beautiful day for some soccer out at Westwood Turf field. Long field, but narrow as all hell. Devils had 14 show up (13 healthy) and GWB had a great turn out of maybe 18? It was team picture day, so I believe their entire squad showed.
Devils won the coin toss electing to go into the wind and into the sun the 1st half, hoping the sun would set late in the game and wind would be in advantage. Devils wanted a water break due to the heat and playing on turf, GWB was indecisive as they had so many subs it wouldn't have matter to them.
Devils got on the board within the 1st 5 mins as Karl Buko played a perfect corner kick to Hirschbeck for the header, top corner. Half way through we had a water break and Devils switched alignment up a little. The alignment switched did help out and we stayed up 1-0 at Half.
2nd half the wind died down, of course. and it was only the sun as an "advantage". It was a pretty physical 2nd half compared to the 1st. Tim Mack got on the board for his 3rd of the season with a nice header on a corner kick from Matt Chase. 2-0 Devils maybe 25 mins into the 2nd half. Not long after, Tim Mack subbed in and by the time I got to the bench (which is like 20 yards from the field) the ball was back in the net for Mack's 2nd of the game from Joe Bennett. How it happened prior I wouldn't know bc my back was turned. 3-0 Devils. GWB got one by Weiand with under 10 to play as their fwd got in behind the defense, Richie made a great point blank save, but the rebound fell to the foot of GWB for a 3-1 score. Not much would happen on the way out. Best of luck GWB and I'm sure we will see you again this season.
Devils 5-0 in league play, 1-0 in Wood Cup, Kinda upsetting our little brother FC Aftershock couldn't make it to our game this weekend. we look to keep the streak alive on Father's Day vs FC Mich Ultra cactus strawberry with lemon on the side beer club , I mean FC Aftershock.


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