BUSS 1- Sharpshooters 3

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BUSS 1- Sharpshooters 3 Empty BUSS 1- Sharpshooters 3

Post  B_Calvaneso on Mon Jun 12, 2017 10:15 am

As usual, when my team loses, I like to keep my recaps short and sweet. Not because I am a sore loser but because I hate losing (I guess that makes me a sore loser).

We both had around 5 subs.

Sharpshooters got on the board first 15 minutes or so in when a low cross was deflected by Drew Colosimo and an oncoming back post player put it in the net.

Bad Guys 1 - Good Guys 0

We were able to even it up when Hunter Walsh took a beautiful corner that Kyle Clifford was able to get his head on and deflect down past the keeper.


Sharpshooters (who live up to their moniker by the way, but more on that later) took the lead again just before half time when Graham Harris (1 of the 2 best players for Amherst on the day) got his head on a corner and put it past Drew.

2 Everybody on our team is 6 foot tall - 1 Everybody on our team is under 6 ft

Half time

Sharpshooters took the two goal lead when Brody was left wide open in the middle of the 18 for a nice header.

3 We never miss - 1 We never score

Final score

Amherst always live up to their Sharpshooter name when we play them. They had 4 chances on goal and 3 of them were scored. I feel that we were the better team overall but possession means nothing if you don't bury your chances, which Sharpshooters do. We deserved to win this game and if nothing else it gives us confidence that we can outplay the defending Premier champs. With that being said their were two outstanding, phenomenal players for Amherst. Graham Harris and Andrew Crawford were absolute beasts. Both players were at the top of their games, stuffing out our attacks in one on one battles, where we normally get the better of defenses. We weren't able to break through the yellow wall of Amherst on multiple occasions because of those guys.

Player of the game Polo Suazo. Our captain was really good, winning a bunch of one on one battles with Regan and Loncar.

Soho FC is up next for us next Sunday, followed by a Tehel Cup match with Roos FC. Hopefully we are able to get back on course against two quality opponents.


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