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Post  ajbalsd on Mon Jun 19, 2017 12:32 pm

Well, we seemed to really luck out with the weather the past two weeks. We played at the perfect time and at the perfect place to get our game in without a drop of rain falling on us. Both teams came out in full force for the Father’s Day game. Revolution had 20 and Tesla had 17-18, so there were plenty of subs to go around.

The field was in a weird condition. The rain that fell earlier made the grass wet enough so that the ball would skip, but the ground was still like concrete, so there were plenty of guys actually slipping on the hard, wet surface. Very bizarre to see that happening. Anyways…

We recognized many familiar faces on Tesla, with a bunch of their guys coming from Haz Benz. They have some great ball control, and a few guys that can rip it. There was plenty of back and forth to start the game. We had a few quality chances early on, and Tesla came up with a few of their own. We finally broke through about midway through the first half. Ben Chang made a nice, quick pass up to Nate O’Donnell who flew up the left side of the field, past the defender. He made a slight cut at the top of the 18 and placed a beautiful shot off of the inside of the far post and in. 1-0. We would get another before the end of the half. Chad Sleiman made some beautiful music with the ball near the top of the 18. He found Andy Page who placed a lovely shot inside the far post. 2-0, end of the first half.

Now, for some reason, the AR’s on both sides of the field were very reluctant to raise their flag, and KEEP them raised. There was plenty of confusion on many calls, with not much clarity being given. That led to many “discussions” between the ref and both teams.

The second half started pretty much the same way the first half did. Both sides had some good chances. Frank Huber came up with a few outstanding saves on chances that came from just outside the 6. Our third goal come on a weird set of events. The ball was played up from our backfield, and then one of our defenders was in a little shoving match with someone from Tesla. It didn’t get all that serious, but some of the guys from Tesla stopped running, thinking that the whistle was going to blow (and it probably should have, if for nothing else than to give out warnings/yellow cards to both). The whistle never came, and Matt Jankowski found Ryan Pulaski about 25 yards out. He made some nice moves, and showed incredible determination in finding his way around AND through a few defenders, placing a shot just past the keeper. 3-0. The ref handed out a bunch of yellow cards during the second half as the anger started to rise and the language started to get out of hand. Nothing huge came of it though. Good luck to Tesla the rest of the way. And our luck was extended beyond the end of the game a bit as we were even able to get our Father’s Day cookout in before the heavy stuff came down.

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