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Post  MitchAC on Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:46 pm

Last year we played DSC and they were very quick and had great ball movement. We ended up losing 4-0, although the game was 1-0 until the last 10 mins when we started to pressure up field/went down a man. That was our worst loss as a club. We avenged that yesterday. When we got to the field thunder and rain were already greeting us. The refs postponed the game a few times. DSC's manager/keeper and I talked to the refs about a game plan. We all agreed that if the game got postponed at 4:30, pushing the game until 5 we would reschedule. Luckily the sky cleared up and much to the dismay of a few guys on each team, we played. DSC had 3 subs or so, we had 6, which would turn into 7 when Jamie Asbach who tore his AC joint Thursday decided to say screw it and play anyways after half time.

Hats off to DSC. The first 10-15 mins they took it to us. We were God awful. They held almost all of the possession and were looking for an early lead which they would get off a long throw in which found a guy's head who flicked it to number 8 who buried a volley right by Guarino's hand. 1-0 DSC. That woke us up. The rest of the half we took possession of the ball and played with a purpose. DSC still had a few chances but almost all were long balls that Brandon Guarino or Max Krajcic took care of. We got on the board with about 10' left in the 1st half when Mark Passatino sent a free kick down the side line. Dylan Cunningham aka Bad Man, literally walked over to the ball, collected it, dribbled around 3 guys and put the ball in the side netting. 1-1, as the bench screamed Bad Man. Not 2 mins later Joe Stogner crossed the ball across the field to Jared Francesosa who flicked the ball to himself and put the ball past the out stretched keeper for his first BDSL goal ever. DSC would have one more beautiful chance on a cross where number 8 would just miss getting a head on it. 2-1HT.

We ate our fruit and talked about how our combination of Stryker/Witman/Cunningham/Billica up top were taking it to the three defenders pretty well. Even joked with Jamie who was there watching that he would have a field day. He said screw it "I'm going in, just don't expect me to jump." So Jamie put his stuff on and started.

Jamie has yet to score a goal this year in the two and a half games he's played in after having 16 last year. But what that doesn't tell you is his ability to open up the field for everyone else. 15mins into the second half it was 5-1. Our third goal came from Chris Stryker dribbling by a defender and instead of shooting sliding the ball over to Colin in the 18 who put his first goal in for the club. Then Chris would get his first of the team with a nice ball from Dylan Cunningham. Such a relief as Chris should probably have 5 or 6 goals on missed opportunities by now. Dylan would then get a nice through ball from Jamie and would put us up out of reach.

One problem the club has is when we start scoring with ease everyone thinks they can score which leads to defensive mishaps. DSC would get a free kick from a dumb penalty and number 8 would get his head on this one (may have been offsides?) past Dylan. Then they had another player beat Mark down the end line and put the ball just past Dylan's out stretched hand. 5-3. We had a bunch of more chances, Jamie had two break a ways that he sent wide. Honestly could have had 7 or 8 goals.


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